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1st Ice encounter ruling?

Hello netrunners,

I had a game the other day with a friend and I was playing Jinteki RP. I put a pup over archives to tax him if he wanted to run elsewhere. After rezzing the piece of ice he decided that he would run it again, but that he could jack out before paying for its subroutines, and that would still be considered a “run” on a central server. Is that how it works or was he mistaken?

I have read the rule book for Netrunner, but its wording has (for me) left it a little ambiguous.


they must encounter (including the subroutines) the first piece of ice. if there are unrezzed ice before the pup, he can jack out before he hits it, but if there isn’t, he has to hit the pup/pay for it

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@SamRS is correct, as per the rules, you cannot jack out until after you encounter the first piece of ice

Well you are correct saying that SamRS is correct, but the whole second part is wrong.

There is a difference between approaching and encountering. In SamRS’s scenario (jacking out after unrezzed, before pup) there was no encounter whatsoever, but everything was legal. The rulebook says that the runner cannot jack out while approaching the first piece of ice during a run.

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Cheers for all of your feedback. We played it as he had to pay 2 credits every time he ran Archives, so at least we played it right in the end.

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