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2 good decks for new players?

I know the core set recommends taking 1 faction and the generic cards and building 2 decks that way for new players - however, my stuff is already mixed in with 2 decks. I am trying to show a guy at work how to play, and I’m not sure the 2 decks I have made already will be good for that.

Anyone mind listing 2 decks that would be good for this? Preferred with the cards listed out so I can build the decks. The core set says to grab X and mix with the generics, but I don’t really know what that is at this point because it’s all mixed in if that makes sense.

I appreciate it.


A good set of decks with only Core cards :slight_smile:



Thank you! I’m still learning to navigate this site, so I haven’t been great at finding past threads dealing with topics I’m thinking of.

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No worries! Me too, but I stumbled across those articles the other day and found them really useful. I’m basically working my way backwards through all the articles I can find here on Stimhack :slight_smile:

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