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2016 U.S. Regionals Announced

Here we go: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/android-netrunner-2016-regional-championship-locations/

A few more than last year, no?


Some of the early April ones have me wondering when Democracy and Dogma is going to hit stores. Pol. Op. and Councilman are meta-shifting cards in the same vein as Film Critic. We could see some very different winning lists before and after they drop.

We’ll just see more of a push to NEH…

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The once and future king… beale


Pretty much. RP and ETF should make a decent splash before though.

They put the wrong website for the shop of the Vegas Regional

If the MWL doesn’t change before regionals it will be mostly ETF and NEH, although everyone is trying to find a Weyland answer right now, but its not looking too good yet.

I’m now trying to remember if there was a distinct difference in the season dates/spans for US and ROW Regionals previously?

Don’t think there was.

There wasn’t. At least in Europe. But this time I think there will be some difference, because USA season got moved forward to accomodate two major tournaments happening in July and August, while in Europe Nationals usually happen in August in September, so July is still good time for Regionals.

Also, I don’t know if kits will be shipped early enough to have Regionals in April in Europe. Last year I played in one in first half of May and the kit arrived literally during the event. I wouldn’t risk scheduling a Regionals in Europe any earlier than this. SCs this year started here in February because we had no kits available earlier (and this is another reason to not have Regionals in April, I’m TOing a SC on April 3rd and I’m not 100% sure if this will be the final one in Poland or someone will have an even later date).

I updated a google maps with the US regional locations and dates:

Europe is still work in progress…


No Nebraska regional this year. That hurts.

Look at Montana! No state that even borders Montana has anything!

I’ll almost certainly be going to the Kansas one. Might also make covenant and Colorado springs. Based out of Lincoln - hit me up over PM to carpool.