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2016 updates for returning player

I haven’t been playing ANR since December 2015, more or less. At that time it was all about Kate, Valencia and Foodcoats.

Now I plan on coming back in. May I ask what has changed in the ANR world since then? I heard some ruckus about a museum card that recycles the Corp deck. And separately saw that IG was on the rise- presumably related to that card? Does that extent to tournament play with the time limits?

And what’s new on the Runner side?

Thanks in advance for the advice :grin:

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  1. Some cards now cost an additional influence even in-faction, they are on the Most Wanted List. The inclusion of PPVP on said list killed off PPVP Kate. The inclusion of Eli and Architect on said list has made Foodcoats weaker, but not unplayable.

  2. Wyldside/Pancakes+Faust is such a good engine for anything you want to do that you can expect at least half the playing field in a tournament to be Anarchs. The most popular runner decks at the moment are variations on Dumblefork. Basically, the deck aims to break ICE as rarely as possible, instead killing it off with Cutlery/Parasite. The powerlevel feels as good as PPVP Kate did, although it is worse if you don’t see your Wyldside early.

  3. This is one of those IG decks. It aims to grind you out via Bio-Ethics, Hostile Infrastructure and Genetics Pavillion, but to its defense it usually does so reasonably quickly. Especially if the runner declines to cut the deck every time the corp shuffles (and it shuffles a ton).

  4. The sky is not falling, Netrunner is still fun, but a lot of people are a bit annoyed at the current state of the Meta.


Thanks a lot pal!

I guess the Runner deck can be played under MaxX then?

Are NBN still strong?

Maxx still seems viable, either with Apoc or with Siphon. Reg-ass has fallen out of favor, and it’s probably not that strong anymore.
NEH is still a top contender, both as Fastro and as pure asset spam. 3x Astro plus 3x SSCG takes up 6 influence now, but that’s affordable and other decks suffered too.