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3 Ash or 2 Caprice in NBN glacier?

Obviously I’m thinking about my deck (http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/32283/ka-ching-v2), but it’s a question for any NBN glacier deck.

3 Ash + 2 spare influence, or 2 Caprice?

There are so many different scenarios and I’m going round in circles.

With Ash you can know for certain whether they can beat the trace or not - but this may commit you to spending a lot of money. And if they can get in to your remote twice in one turn then it feels like it’s a waste.

With Caprice you could keep them out for longer than with Ash, but having one fewer defensive upgrade and no spare influence hurts


Really, the best way to test this is through just general playtesting against decks you expect to face. When you’re scoring, ask yourself if it’s enough to pay into an Ash trace to both keep the runner out as well as keep them off enough money to get in again. Against Faust anarchs, Ash is a harder sell, since D4v1d is getting them through larger ICE and just cards are getting them through the smaller ones. Caprice, though, you have to win psi games, and you want a server that is taxing enough that you don’t have to win 3-4 in a row. Also, you’re only getting 2 of them to Ash’s 3, so you’re going to see them less frequently.

So basically, play some games. Play a lot of em. In each situation, ask yourself if the other card would be better. Try and actually keep track of this, and then compare how many games and in what matchups each is best. Then pull the trigger and choose =)


Play 3 caprices :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a big fan of glacier NBN but haven’t played sol yet. I did play this deck but this was pre-MWL.
Some thoughts:

-Your ICE will only tax the runner, so except for maybe a cheeky play you won’t be able to score agendas without an upgrade. 3 is the minimum here with 1-2 interns in case they snipe them from R&D.

-Ash only works when you’re not behind. If the runner is rich the card does basically nothing, while caprice will always have that psychological effect where the runner doesn’t want to run because he might achieve absolutely nothing except for wasting his own creds

-Caprice is a boss against Eater siphon decks, Ash is useless.

-I really dislike Food in NBN, yes it saves deckspace. But on the other hand it’s just a less flexible Beale that costs influence.

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