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3 Panchatantra + Gingerbread

Thinking of using the above and maybe a AI breaker for backup as my breakers. Is this viable?
thanks regards mick

Depends a lot on what deck you run it in and what you mean by “viable.”

In shaper with a plentitude of tutors and draw this setup can do very decent work. The two issues are:

  • efficiency: gingerbread is… fine when it comes to breaking ice. It’s not particularly inefficient, it’s just not particularly great either; you’ll end up needing a lot of credits anyways.

  • AI: GB is ai itself, meaning that other AI’s are a bad pairing because of anti AI tech like Turing, swordsman, and wraparound. Which means you’ll want to also pack a regular breaker suite, putting you at 7+ memory…

The tldr is that it works, and it can be fun, but I have yet to see it actually the best choice for a deck.

Gingerbread isnt ai. That means you can slap it on Dinosaurus, and have a base str 4 breaker for every ice.

Dont forget Deus X and sharpshooter in your pancha deck.


Lol, right you are! Crim’s can’t even get AIs right these days…

Definitely agree deus and Sharpshooter are auto include in Pancha decks. I still think it’s a lot of moving parts

Dinosaurus and the personal touch and ice carver and net ready eyes, do it.

Injection attack might be great with it too

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Dont really see the point of ice carver? No better for Gingersaurus than for a regular breaker suite. Personal Touch, yes, NRE, maybe. Datasucker would be better than carver imo

Thanks for the headup guys
Im running it in crim with desperado, bank job, sec testing
Also have blackmail and inside job
injection attack would fit nicely

Mmm, in crim you’re spending 6 inf and six slots on your breaker suite, with no access (unless you spend even more inf) on the shaper toys that makes the rig efficient.

Wouldnt it be better to go with a traditional rig, ie Shrike, Corroder, Zu/Gordian and 3x Special Order?

I can’t really see the benefits of gingerpancha in crim, but maybe there are some Im missing.

You could play Au Revoir/Blackguard and always have a breaker to break whatever? Not great…

fair point the 3 breakers would cost the same each run, thanks

You can do this in shaper with a couple caveats: You need something to help the strength of gingerbread (sucker/touch/dino), and you need a support breaker or two (inti, cycy/gordian or atman) for when ice gets stacked, alternatively parasite recursion, to prevent being locked out of a remote. It’s not a terrible low influence ai rig but you need to build around it

i played Panchatantra + Gingerbread out of Geist with Sharpshooter, and it was actually pretty good, but i kept running into MU problems

that was before Sports Hopper and Reflection though. it could probably work. it could possibly even be the main breaker along with Vamadeva or some other AI breaker, but the cloud breakers really helped fill in the gaps

no in-faction tutor for Panchatantra made it kind of rough, but all that crazy Geist draw, it usually wasn’t too bad

Deus X was always too expensive, and i almost always preferred Sharpshooter instead.

Sneakdoor zeta doesn’t exist anymore, so I can’t really justify gingerbread and ice carver right now. But having gingerbread be like a mimic for str 3 ice is nice. If you could further boost it for 2, assassin and ichi are more easily taken care of too. It’s probably a bad idea still, but a deck utilizing multithreader, panchatantra and gingerbread with str support is probably possible out of Adam or something. Is Ice Carver Virtual? You could get away with it in Apex too. Just gotta use something for MU.

My though is that Gingerbread is decent enough by itself, but what justifies the investment of ginger+pancha is when you take effects that buff a single breaker (dino, personal touch, partly NRE) and apply it to a breaker that can break everything.

Ice Carver is no better for Gingerbread than for a standard breaker suite. That Gingerbread boosts at 3 strength at a time only matters for ice that’s exactly one above Gingerbread for the puprpose of playing Ice Carver - Ice Carver moves that window, it doesn’t remove it. It only affects ice at str 3 and 6 in this case, it does nothing at all against other values due to how Gingerbread boosts str. Is that worth 3 creds, some influence and a couple of card slots?

Archer, Gutenberg and Archangel and Crick might make it worthwhile as a 1 of, and only if you use recurring credits AND have other support. So minifaction or just in my opinion. But that doesn’t really help as it’s untutorable. Still, it might be worth it with Sandburg as long as it doesn’t get carried away. I’d say if you’re playing Adam, and Career Fair, and this combo, Ice Carver isn’t the worst.

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after reading above discussion I think panhca/gingerbread would only be viable out of shaper (funny that). I will have to look at crim breakers. Anyone used the cloud breakers?