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A New Netrunner Podcast - Terminal7

My friend Jesse and I both make video games professionally and we also couldn’t stop talking about Netrunner, so we decided to cram some mics in our faces and turn it into a podcast. It’s here and it would be awesome if Netrunner folks would give it a listen:

We recorded the first couple of episodes a little while back, about a month ago, so we won’t get to the most recent developments (drafting, Second Thoughts, etc) for a few episodes yet.

The folks at Idle Thumbs were kind enough to host it. Any questions, feedback, thoughts, whatever are more than welcome to terminal7{at}idlethumbs{dot}net. Thanks!

Great first episode! This episode was a really good introduction to your experiences in Netrunner. I am interested in listening to the next episode!

Thanks! The first one was a bit meat & potatoes but we get into some more specifics in the next episode and we’re planning even more so with future ones.