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A shaper ID of your choice gets +1 influence. Do you play it over Kate?

I was having a convesation about how dominating Kate is and this came up.

We were trying to quantify how strong 1 more influence could be on the other shaper ids and if it would bring them more on par with Kate.


i’d give it to The Professor, cos damn he needs it.

but i’d still play Kate

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+4 influence on Kit and I’d play her


I was trying to make it work on Nasir but decided its a lost cause :stuck_out_tongue:

Altough with Kit I thinks its easier to go stealth with that +1

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20 inf on exile and i might.

otherwise… no man, i love kate.

If Hayly got +1 inf is play her over Kate, but it would mostly be the same archatype.

1 inf probably not. 12 with Kit or 17 with exile and we can probably start doing something


Playing Kit extensively (and almost exclusively), I can say with absolute certainty that 12 is what she needs to function on a level with the elite shaper decks. Every time I build a Kit deck, I literally think “Man, this would be so good with 1 more [2 influence card].” 12 would make Spooned a much more viable option as well. I know people still try it anyway, but I think it stretches the influence way too thin with 10.


At least Lady now allows Kit to save influence on Corroder!

To answer OP:
I think 1 influence is too insignificant, but I think Chaos Theory would be fun to play with extra influence.

give professor 6 (for 3x virus breeding ground) and the world should tremble before its new god :smiley:

I’d give Nasir 1 more and continue playing him over Kate. If I wanted to play Kate, I’d just travel back in time to 2013 and play Andy, amirite?


II was thinking 1 may be too insignificant and considering putting 2 in the topic title, but decided against it believing I might be missing something or that removing a 3 influence card for a 4 influence card could have a big impact.

I wouldnt say the conversation should be limited strictly to +1, but I wouldnt go over +2 it would be kind of pointless

With +1 inf I’d be very tempted to work on CT more.

It’d probably take 4+ influence for me. Kate’s ability combos really well with PPVP econ because there’s so much crap the deck can install for free when you get a bad econ draw, so you can stay on 5 credits and play your gamble when you draw it.


So you are saying that an 18 influence prepaid Hayly (with Replicator?) would struggle with Econ early? If that’s all you are worried about than run 3 Easy Mark.


+2 influence would be more likely

Alternatively a repeatable way to trigger exile in faction or a good economy package for non-kates.

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Pro-co + Stimshop isn’t far off, I think.

I think sym visage + other draw is a little better, but that econ is always so swingy/inconsistent

I played it at regionals this year, and it was OK but not amazing. I do think that it’s probably the 2nd best econ package for Shaper though.

Agree with both of these completely.

I actually really like Exile w/ Page Piper and almost exclusively playing your breakers out of archives (Test Run, Clone Chip, Scavenge w/ 3x Femme, Lady, Cypher.) It’s a cool alternative draw engine and it’s a ton of fun to play, but there is literally no competitive reason to play it over Kate.

I actually don’t even know if 17 would do it. It draws comparisons to Custom Biotics vs ETF; making money while you do other things is worth more than simply importing better money cards, because the ability itself mitigates the need for more money cards.

Kate’s ID is built in, efficient econ. I would like to say Exile’s ID could be the same for card draw, but it’s difficult to picture.