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Account Siphon in the Current Meta

We know you’re the exception to the rule, to any rule in that matter :blush:


I think the groans in the room and comments said a good deal about how the community felt.

Funny story:
I was talking to my girlfriend about what I was reading online about the worlds experience as it was happening. I just read some article on Reddit or somewhere and laughed and said “Oh, now the bitching about prize support is starting.” I looked up from my phone and Ian Birdsdall was like 2 feet away with a pretty awkward look on his face, having clearly heard me. Ooops.

I think they know now, and with any luck, we’ll see things improve to a at the latest Friday start next year.

On topic, Eater decks I think will cause a resurgence of AoA, and make them even more gross when they add Keyhole. This doesn’t help the inconsistency, but it does help get it online better/longer because knight and Overmind are very limited use. AoA is actually getting stronger, not weaker IMO.


Fwiw, the prize support was pretty awful.


This statement is incorrect, though I can see why a lot of people think it is true. This article explains the fallacy fairly well: http://www.channelfireball.com/articles/can-it-pay-off-to-play-a-high-variance-deck/

It’s on channelfireball, but the article applies to any card game really.


For what its worth the best siphon spam decks quetzal actually is pretty legitimately good. Data leak reversal is actually pretty decent archives pressure, but the key is to not lose to not landing sipon. The medium/Mimic/yog.0/ the occasional corroder give you efficent breakers, while Queen’s gambit/Lucky find/Sure gamble/armitage codebusting/Liberated account/stimhack + parasucker give you a decent econ even with 0 siphons landed. Gabe similarly has power, 3 siphon/3 same old thing+ parasites+R&D multi acess is super strong right now. Gabe does have the unfortunate weakness of influence. My influence package for gabe right now looks like this

2 RDI (4 inf)
2 Corroder (4 Inf)
3 Datasucke (3 Inf)
2 Parasite (4 inf)

with Femme serving as the primary sentry breaker and peacock/passport as the code gate (seriously why does alias suck so much ). Since gabe can pressure all 3 centrals pretty reliably, siphon spam works with him.

Landing the actual card account siphon and floating the tags is just a strong play, I actually prefer it when the opponent has more econ rather than less, the more econ they have the more money you make. Trashing assets is annoying but stimhack/imp/Bank job/Queen’s gambit help. Siphon recursion’s real strength is that siphon itself is actually amazing, since 1 tag=10 tags even landing one “blowout siphon” (actual card account siphon that takes all 10 credits and costs you less than 4 credits to make the run on/6 if you are gabe with desperado) gives you a really strong amount of tempo. You net 6 credits and the corp loses 5, You aren’t trying to make the corp completely broke, the goal is to make it so that their ability to tax you on R&D/archives is limited due to parasites/shutdowns/siphons. You won’t make them broke, but you will make them LESS powerful than before. Instead of having the tsurgi and the Komainu over R&D you will have just a tsurgi. Also you get money to make future runs with.

Finally let’s imagine the corp rezz’s assets to go to 0 money, you can trash those assets and be in a very strong position, it’s like you played Vamp and only spent the credits necessary to trash the sansan or whatever. You still are in a great position, The other answer to siphon is leaving unrezzed ICE over HQ to go broke the turn you siphon them, the key is to let that happen, then use that to gain value somewhere else, Maybe you can now use sneakdoor to pressure archives, or make a medium dig through R&D, maybe you completed the run on HQ anyway now you can emergency shutdown them and pressure their HQ some more.

Just because siphon isn’t giving absurd blowouts doesn’t mean it isn’t doing its job


I have no rivals.

I am 9-2 in tournaments lifetime. I have entered 11 and won 9 of them. Of the other two, one was a plugged-in a couple weeks after I started playing, t8, other was the winter tournament at worlds, got 3rd with decks I wasn’t playing at worlds against a field as strong as most regionals.

I’m not saying I didn’t get lucky sometimes, but really, if you play perfectly, (not saying I do), you don’t need much luck to win at Netrunner.


Well, YOU don’t.


But even if you do play perfectly, you still need a reasonable amount of luck not to lose at Netrunner.


Unless you’re playing against NEH astrobiotics. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I never beat NEH Astrobiotics

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In that regard, you have many rivals.


As soon as that fucking deck came out, my runner win % went from like 85% to 60%.

Sounds like the environment needed it. 85% runner win-rate sounds like the game was out of balance.

I had about 85% playing corp too.


He’s Dan the Man; his numbers don’t count to the rest of the mortals playing this game. Pretty soon, he’ll get called up to the big leagues (see: MtG; Poker).


Off topic, but online poker getting screwed in the US was pretty depressing a few years back.


Anyways, there’s plenty of game-design theory out there that says higher variance makes a game more approachable for a wider audience. Assuming FFG wants to sell packs ($), narrowing the win-gap between highly skilled players & lower skilled players should in theory expand the game’s popularity making them more money. (Assuming skilled players don’t obtain a platform and start bad-mouthing FFG everywhere and ruining the game’s appeal.) Obviously if that was their intent they failed a bit. I’d expect dan’s win rate to drop only 1%-2% a pack so that he felt like his edge was eroding and he had to try harder at the game.

The helplessness you’re feeling is obviously a bit too far. (Part of me like’s the idea of FFG sitting around going “How will this make Dan feel?” every time they make a new card.)

Fair enough. I’m only a journeyman-troll.

Fucking piggybacking bills. Fuck.

Speaking of higher variance making the game more accessible while simultaneously realizing I’m about to open a can of worms. . .

Push your luck…

Does this card have any play… is a 50% bet with 30 cr and a 2 credit vig have a place in the meta? What if the runner win rate were 35%?

It looks good on a playmat.