Adam First Try - Break Free and Make Friends

Good day!
I wanted a fun to play Adam deck for when I play the game with friends casually. Did I make some major error or big non-efficient inclusion in this deck? I’m open to suggestion, I just want to keep the general flow of the deck going like this; Use Suppliers to install resource for cheap - Thrash resource with Independent Thinking, while freeing myself from the Directive - Draw my whole deck very quickly to setup the economy, hand size and support as soon as possible - Run non stop.

The installed directive are: Always be Running, Safety First, and Neutralize All Threats.
Total Cards: (45)
1x Adam (Data and Destiny)

Event: (14)
3x Hostage (Opening Moves) ■■ ■■ ■■
3x Independent Thinking (Data and Destiny)
2x Levy AR Lab Access (Creation and Control) ■■■ ■■■
3x Quality Time (Humanity’s Shadow) ■ ■ ■
3x Sure Gamble (Core)

Hardware: (2)
1x Brain Chip (Data and Destiny)
1x E3 Feedback Implants (Trace Amount) ■■

Program: (7)
1x Crypsis (Core)
3x Multithreader (Data and Destiny)
3x Overmind (Honor and Profit)

Resource: (22)
2x Beth Kilrain-Chang (Blood Money) ■■■ ■■■
3x Daily Casts (Creation and Control)
2x Data Folding (Order and Chaos)
2x Dr. Lovegood (Data and Destiny)
3x Earthrise Hotel (The Source)
2x Kati Jones (Humanity’s Shadow)
2x New Angeles City Hall (Future Proof)
3x Public Sympathy (Cyber Exodus)
1x Safety First (Data and Destiny)
1x The Supplier (First Contact) ■■
1x The Turning Wheel (The Liberated Mind) ■

Hostage to help me dig for Supplier as early as possible. Lots of 1 of because I expect to draw my deck prey fast. Standard Levy AR to reset the discard pile. Overmind + Brain Chip + E3 Feedback should be able to handle lots of stuff. Cryptic is there as a backup solution if I can’t end the game before running out of Overmind token. I include an Extra Safety First, because I think it’s good with the potential hand size I will have + I might have to thrash it early to Independent Thinking.

What are your thoughts?

I have no helpful thoughts, as I am just starting to play Adam.

How has this deck worked for you?

Not the best to be honest. The supplier make the deck too slow. I have been going back and forth and changing it up with every iteration. I haven’t played much since I posted this.

I recognise you from Conquest haha :smiley:

Yes. You beat me in the last Alignment Wheel tournament, if my memory serves.

One Brain Chip seems odd. Don’t you want it asap?