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Alex Kickstarter

Can we have a Kickstarter to get Alex to World’s 2014?

Perhaps part of the reward to the contributing community would be the documenting of all of his games

Btw, congrats to the 2013 participants!

Or he can throw ads into all his articles.

No offense to Alex but Worlds isn’t so expensive that one would need a Kickstarter to go. Hotels VERY close to the event can be had at the FFG corporate rate for 60$/night. We attend in groups of four so that ends up being 15$/night. Food in Minnesota is also not expensive. it’s the Midwest. the cost of living is reasonable.

They usually announce the dates well enough in advance that even a flight wouldn’t be too expensive. I imagine no more than 300$ round trip if booked in advance. So if you ant to indulge in the food and drink a bit, it can easily be done for 450$ for all four days if you can find people to room with.

Alex and I both didn’t go this year due to work primarily. I personally recently got a new job, and thus wasn’t in much of a position to be taking a bunch of time off. I will be going next year almost certainly however. I imagine Alex feels the same way.

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Hehe. :slight_smile:
Not going is more about getting time off work, than money. Also that I just got home from a 2 week trip for work, right before this.


That makes a LOT more sense. I skipped GenCon this year to have the vacation days to make it to Worlds. It paid off since I made top 16 for Netrunner :slight_smile: