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Amazon marketplace ripoff

Okay, well everyone here probably knows better, but I was googling around and I stumbled upon a retailer on amazon advertising something he describes as a ‘Draft Promo Bundle’ for $25. Thinking that it was going to be the three draft packs combined into one convenient order, I clicked in to look at it only to discover he’s really only selling the core game, minus the 11 singles with a handful of cheap acrylic tokens as the only ‘extra’ (a huge price to pay at the loss of the 11 singles). It then occurred to me, this guy must also be selling the singles. Which, of course, he is, for $0.50 less than the cost of the entire core set. What a sleezy retailer. So in summary, you can buy his ‘Draft Promo Bundle’ and his 11 singles for a combined cost of $53 plus shipping and get exactly the core set plus some cheap acrylics… and he basically doubles what he could sell it for otherwise. Avoid this retailer at all costs!


That’s indeed quite a rip-off… but then buying his singles beats buying 3 core sets.
To be honest, I still feel that FFG selling us the core set with “singles” (and conveniently banning proxies from tournament) with no other option than buying 3 core sets is quite rip-offy itself… they could at the very least offer a “core completion” data pack for sale.