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Anarchy in N.A. - 10 Things I Like and Don't Like About Order & Chaos

Great article. Need moar troll

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Great read, Spags. You ought to write for Stimhack more often.

On the subject of the coco: Can we please get a Photoshop wizard to change Amped Up or Stim Dealer into BAKING SODA?

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I’d disagree. Against great players that understand how she can be disruptive, she is still a problem on a higher level than simply click taxing. Against inexperienced players she’s beyond lethal, but of course, you don’t win events and single or double elimination rounds against those players. I enjoy any runner deck that changes gears often, and Leela is possibly the best at that. Sitting back making money and drawing cards and daring you to do something so I can react, and hoping you pick wrong for maximum effect.


I was already secretly running 2 crisiums as hot new anti-calimsha tech just a couple days before max-eater-keyhole hit. I was hoping to completely blow him out with it on stream one day… then everyone started talking about crisium and ruined the surprise :tired_face: :stuck_out_tongue:

Almost entirely agree with the wall of text, although I recognize a bit more the almost-but-not-quite-tier-1 cards (titan, firewall, HRI), not to mention the good space ice. Much like H&P last year, even through regionals, I think we will continue to see several of the new decks that O&C is pushing, even if they end up being tier 2 or worse. It won’t be until nats/worlds that people universally start pulling out all the stops on tier 1.


H&P came out much closer to regionals last year though - it was certainly less that a month. I was one of the ones trying out new stuff at regionals (I took Stirling), and though I made it to 5/6th I probably would have been better off sticking to my older decks.

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Housekeeping can be downright nasty early, especially first turn v. an Andromeda player

You know it says “The first time the runner installs a card each turn” not “each time”, right? Turn 1 vs Andy seems pretty whatever. On the other hand, it’s really funny against SMC / Clone Chip (especially in Kate).

Completely disagree with your ninth thing. Yes, Hivemind, Progenitor, Virus Breeding Ground, and Memstrips are all virus related. But due to being oriented around a style of play exactly orthogonal to the strongest Noise deck out there (i.e. Aesop’s Pawnshop oriented), they are on the whole better for other IDs than for Noise. Gravedigger looks like Noise love at first glance - Noise mills! Gravedigger mills! Obviously a Noise card! And obviously (bad) dedicated mill Noise decks might play it. But Noise is already capable of spending 3 clicks to mill the corp and then running Archives, so to me Gravedigger is actually most notable as a source of Archives pressure for non-Noise Anarchs (joining Datasucker and DLR). My hat is off to the O&C designers for empowering Anarchs ability to build around viruses without primarily benefiting Noise.


Yup. 10char

…so then why do you think it’s good against Andy on turn 1?

Let the trolling begin!


You call that trolling? I respect a good trolling. That was bad trolling. Step up your game, son.

Except when the opponent just rolls dice every time.

Hey, if they want to roll dice every time (and actually stick to it), I’ll just keep betting 0. Still have a 1/3 chance of getting it, and I get the up-side of spending no money.

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My god, you can do anything! Nice piece @spags

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As someone who plays HB exclusively, I do not play a single card out of Creation and Control. None of the cards out of Creation and Control are particularly relevant now, and the ones that are playable (Viktor 2.0, Icho 2.0 (maybe), Overwriter, Successful Demonstration, etc.) are easily replaceable, and the alternatives are generally better. At the time of its release, yes, but not now.

It is kind of strange how it feels that Runner-wise the boxes are 3-for-3, but only Jintekei has substantially improved by their box.

I wouldn’t mind if this trend continued for the NBN box, however. God knows NBN (fast advance) doesn’t need to be any stronger.


Then spend zero, and they spend money, and you don’t.

He only talked about 89/93 cards MaxX :frowning:

I know English is your second language, but, still … no clue, here.

The article was not meant to be an indepth breakdown of the box, and that was noted. It was meant to give people a reason to hit the front page of Stimhack, and maybe have some enjoyment. Personally, I’d like to click that front page more often and have something new to read. Dan’s MaxX article was my impetus to become part of a solution to the lack of content problem.


@spags so I’ll help you :

[quote=“JohnnyCreations, post:29, topic:3075, full:true”]
Let the trolling begin![/quote]

/trolling attempts that nobody understand


Really good read!

This being my first “new set”, since I just started in January, I was really, REALLY pumped for the release of O&C. It’s become my favorite set because it’s my first set I think. I really have enjoyed it and cannot wait for the next data pack to come out.

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stimhack has a front page!?!?

Nice article