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ANCUR Unofficial FAQ


[quote=“jakodrako, post:59, topic:5491”]
Which subtypes are valid for Panchatantra to give to ice? Does the Runner have to choose a subtype on a rezzed piece of ice?

Any subtype is valid. Subtypes are not specific to a particular card type, and you don’t have to choose one from rezzed cards.[/quote]



So just to confirm, I can have Panchatantra give a Wraparound the Fracter subtype and it would lower its own strength?


Yep. Atman 0 new meta.


The Panchatantra dream is alive!

Does adding Region to a piece of ICE protecting a server with a rezzed Region force the Corp to trash one of those?


How does the Maya ruling work (being able to put to the bottom after it’s been stolen/trashed)? It’s changed game state at this point and Maya cannot reference the card, right? If this works, shouldn’t the Test Run/Scavenge combo not work?


No, the rules specifically state that the limit is on upgrades with the region subtype.


What we’re seeing here is a completely new trigger timing related to accessing. Maya triggers after the access is complete, then referencing the card that was accessed, regardless of its current state.

It’s sort of like the difference between Midseasons and Punitive in the case of an agenda that has been forfeited. The game knows that an agenda was stolen the previous turn, so Midseason can reference that fact from the game log, but that agenda is no longer in the score area, so Punitive can’t reference the point value it has.


Can the Runner make up a subtype to give ice with Panchatantra?

Seriously ? :astonished:

So now I can create the subtype “AI program”, give it to Swordsman and watch the ICE trash itself ?

Sarcasm laid aside, I would really like to know what was on the mind of the one who made this ruling…


I would have to verify all cards but I think the bolding takes an important part on the “AI program” text on Swordsman.

Bolding would signify a subtype.


Good catch ! :wink:
Lukas said so in his ruling for Net Police.


@666Raziel : You’re the one who catched it :smile:

Quoting ANCUR :


Ooh, new Netrunner niche achievement to unlock:

get made An Offer You Can’t Refuse at six points into a server that will kill you;
encounter News Hound on the outside;
Panchatantra it into a current;


How would making it a current do anything?


Making it a current causes News Hound to have an ETR subroutine.


Oh I misinterpreted. I thought what was meant is doing so would trash another current or something.


And of course, the shitshow arrives. We’re due for a shitsunami everyone, get ready to weather the shitstorm


Why? News Hound reads “if a current is active…” I don’t see how an ice with the current subtype is the same as an active current. If it said “if a current is in play,” that would be clear.


News Hound is active while it’s rezzed. Even though “active” involve different mechanics for current operations and current ice, the state of being active is the same.


Oh, okay. Got it.


What happens if you encounter an ice in hand and give it grail?