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Android Netrunner Video Awards 2015

Welcome to the 1st annual Android Netrunner Video Awards!

The ANRVAs are an opportunity for the Android Netrunner community to highlight and promote the most outstanding video content of the year. While our awards are not physical or tangible (yet), our goal is to compile an unambiguous record of the very best that Android Netrunner content creators have to offer for newcomers and experts alike.

In this first phase, we would like you to nominate your favorite Netrunner Videos. The deadline for the nominations is on the 31st of December 2015 at midnight (UTC). Your nominations will be compiled into a shortlist by mid-January followed by the second and final voting phase. The winners will be announced by the end of January.

Nominate your favourite Videos here:

- The International Academy of Netrunner Audiovisual Art and Sciences


I’ll just leave this here:

  • At least two videos a day
  • Meta play, and off meta play alike
  • Excellent commentary

I leave this here, because the form specifies exact videos, but doesn’t allow for nominating an individual.


Only single, individual games please (no entire rounds, tournaments, playlists or channels). if you want to promote Chris M, pick his best video and nominate it.

Hopefully Team Covenant gets their Worlds top 16 videos up in time for this. As exciting as the @tmoiynmwg vs @Cerberus matchup was, there are a handful of other awesome games from the top 16 that are at that level, and it would be a shame to miss out on them because they’re late to upload.

Can we nominate multiple times? I’d like to go back and maybe add some of those videos once they go up, (assuming they’re ready by the deadline).


I don’t know where the file is, but could someone nominate Ben’s game vs. NEH in the SSCI. That Same Old Thing into Quality Time to find a Legwork to steal an about-to-be -fast-advanced Beale from HQ. Then he just leaned on R&D for the win. It was great Netrunner. There was a post game commentary on it and everything.

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I don’t really understand the philosophy behind the no playlist or series limitation in the Guides category.

I’d like to nominate Willingdone’s core set retrospective specifically for its particular robustness among material for new and intermediate players. To make it easier to produce and digest, Willingdone split the review into eight segments, but they’re not really valuable unless considered as a whole. I enjoy his whole channel, including his shorter videos, but – if the stated goal is to create an “unambiguous record of the very best for newcomers and experts alike,” then the Guides category simply isn’t useful without long-form and thorough coverage with multiple examples.


Seconded. Willingdone’s data pack/big box reviews are excellent, but the retrospective is by far the most interesting piece of Netrunner content I’ve seen in some time. It helps that it’s very well produced.


Just 1 nomination per Google account this time. We wanted to avoid spam. Chose wisely.

The philosophy of this rule is to avoid apples to oranges comparisons. It would be really unfair to pit a single video against an entire series of videos or even an entire channel. It also encourages more careful and specific curation instead of broad statements like “this whole channel is best just watch all those 50+ videos”.

Not sure what the issue is with nominating a single video from a series. Could you clarify?


Would it be possible to add categories for series?


I think I understand the reasoning there, especially for the other categories, where the bulk of content fits a fairly specific mold, like a single match or game.

For guides or educational material, I don’t think it makes great sense to limit the diversity of the field. To clarify, I’m speaking of a pretty narrow band of content: material of finite length that, start to finish, happens to span more than a single YouTube link. An ongoing twitch stream wouldn’t count, nor would most data pack review series - unless someone came out with an unusually influential or insightful pack review, which hasn’t really happened IMO. To the community highlighting end, it’d probably be sufficient to select the first segment to stand in for the whole, but insofar as this might be an award for excellence in Netrunner broadcasting then I think there should be an option to highlight a longer work.

Maybe y’all have a good core model for most of those categories, but best educational content and commentary could be split off to more of a prestigious community spotlight? You mentioned “curation,” but that’s probably best done by a group of curators, and not by the nomination or popular vote processes.

I can’t even remember one particular outstanding video in the last year and I usually watch 1-3 netrunner videos per day.
I think the choice on what to vote, how to vote and the nomination rules are quite awkward.

All I know is that Chris M definitely deserves an award for his day to day consistency and educational commentary.


Good work on starting something like this! I look forward to seeing a short list of videos to watch as great examples of the craft, and no having to wade through the thousands of videos out there.

Anyone I like the look (sound) of after seeing one video, I’m sure people can further investigate into their back catalogue.


Yes, it’s hard to pick a video of Chris’s that stands out because they’re all so consistently good. I love his calm, educational commentary. He’s like the Mr. Rogers of Netrunner.

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Sure. We’re taking in feedback and will evolve the awards accordingly in following years

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Can we make this kiv’s Stimhack Forum tag?


Ha! Maybe @sneakysly can make that happen…

I just saw these awards today and it’s pretty hard to pick just one video as I’m at over 700 videos now on the channel. Since we have to pick exact videos, here’s three recent ones that I particularly recommend, with spoiler tags on the game summary if you haven’t seen them:

  1. SHL6 of SYNC Psycho against Val DLR

Things look grim with the Runner up 2 Astros and a Food. Luckily a Closed Accounts for $20 buys enough time for the day to be saved by the TRIPLE KITTY PARADE in Archives.

  1. Apocalypse MaxX vs Foodcoats

That moment when the Corp knows you can’t get into their remote and is safe to score… then realizes you’re just going to destroy the remote and also the rest of their board.

  1. Greenhouse Rush against Dan D’Argenio with RegAss MaxX.

I always enjoy playing against Dan for his combination of skill and sass. Less than a minute in, he takes the first Nisei and pre-emptively declares the “GG”. However, as I hold on for dear life his tune gradually changes to “wow am I going to lose” followed by a meditative post-game “is this deck any good?”



Just 5 days to go! We have only 20 nominations so far. So if you think somebody else already nominated that game you think about - chances are they actually didn’t!


Just 48h to go!

This game. The Vamp play at the end is a thing of beauty.