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Announcing: NACH - The ANRPC Nordics

ANRPC announcement!

We are happy to, after a lot of hard work and planning, finally be able to announce the start of a new circuit;
The ANRPC Nordics - NACH (Neo Arctic Challenge for Hackers) (the Nordic region is a cold cold place)

The NACH, the second European Android Netrunner Players Circuit, will host the NACH invitational event on May 14th 2016 in Stockholm Sweden in the locales of Dragon’s Lair.

To be able to participate in the NACH finals you need to qualify through one of the 8 (eight) qualification tournaments (or the LCQ) spread out through the Nordics (including qualifiers in Finland, Norway and Sweden), over the course of the spring of 2016 (see separate list for dates and locations of all qualifiers).

The top three finishers of each qualifier will receive an invitation to the NACH finals (if a top finisher already qualified, the invitation will pass on to the next highest ranked player), this is the only way to receive an invitation to the NACH finals and compete for the grand prize:

A full ANR Worlds 2016 package, including flight to Minnesota, accommodation and tournament entry fee.*

Participants of the qualifiers and finals will also have the chance to win a number of other ANRPC prizes, such as premium alt. art IDs, custom playmats and official FFG promos. Each qualifier participant will also receive a full playset of a special ANRPC card, which is sanctioned by the ANRPC for play in all ANRPC related and endorsed events.

Our aim is to give every player in the Nordics, new or seasoned veteran, the chance to play more tournaments in their local area and spicing it up with the chance to win a truly amazing prize; to get to experience the greatest event in Android Netrunner organized play; The Android Netrunner Worlds in Minnesota. All NACH events are open to anyone from anywhere, we do encourage travellers from outside the Nordic region to attend the qualifiers. Players from outside the region are eligible for winning the grand prize*.

(*Winner may choose their preferred departure airport, flight will be covered to a value in line with a flight from the Nordic region to Minnesota.)

The complete list of events and dates is as follows:

Qualifiers (month/day/year)

  1. 1/23/2016 - Stockholm - Dragon’s Lair - https://www.facebook.com/events/444618392399832/



Each local organizer of qualifiers will post more details regarding each event so be on the lookout for info in all the usual places you find info for your local ANR events. This post will also be updated accordingly. In case you don’t know how to find you local orgnaizer let me know and I will help you get in touch.

Please help and share to anyone and everyone who might be interested.

Events on Facebook:


Am I correct in assuming that the LCQ will qualify 8 players for a total of 32 qualified players for the finals?

Wow! This is going to be awesome! One question though: Is there a special point in having the LCQ and Finals on a Friday and Saturday instead of Saturday and Sunday? Chances are that possible attendees for the LCQ might suffer from a case of day jobs.

The LCQ will award 2 or 3 seats to the finals, depending on how many other seats have been awarded, to make it an even player count.

During regionals and nationals previous years there has been criticism from travelling players that the finals have been on Sundays, since people need to travel home. We understand the problem with having a LCQ on a Friday, but we rather the finals causing a little travel problems as possible. Also hopa that people could maybe make it off earlier on a Friday if needed :slight_smile:


The finals is the important part, so I fully approve of having it on a saturday!

OK - I just thought that gunning for a 8, 16 or 32 would make the most sense, rather than say, 22 or 26 :).

Great initiative. The american style dates really make my eyes hurt though :wink:


Sounds a great opportunity to come over and take all your stuff again! :wink:


Hey, you brits should keep your imperialistic hands away from our stuff! Haven’t you already filled your closets from Worlds? :smile:

It would of course be a blast to have you join us again!

Stockholm isn’t too far, Peder? :wink:

Ouch, I deserved that didn’t I. :relaxed: You’re coming to the LCQ, Jakob? Or any local Q?

Haha, you did - but with a big smile!

I’m planning to come to Malmö - depending on how possible it is to get there by train at the time - and if anyone else is going to Stockholm from Copenhagen, I’ll tag along :). I’m fairly sure we’ll be a pair going to Stockholm.

I will say I had a great time in Copenhagen last time, so I’ve come around on traveling to Nordics even when it is more than two hours from my apartment. :wink:

Great, hopefully we’ll see a great turnout in the finals at the very least (the Örebro qualifier I’m organizing is probably geographically cumbersome for most people sadly).

Yeah, I can imagine that getting to Örebro is kinda tough.

I’m all up for travelling, as long as it’s not too expensive and I end up playing a lot of Netrunner. The problem is that it’s usually too expensive, or simply takes up too much time, compared to how much Netrunner you actually get out of it. 2 days of Netrunner in Stockholm with friends sounds great, though =).

Definitely planning on going to Helsinki for Nationals again next year at least, then Nordics and possibly something else too. We’ll see, I guess =)

It is swiss so doesn’t really matter, as long as there is an even number :smile:

I am looking into the interest for a special event on the Sunday, either draft or team tournament, in case many of the travelling players are interested in staying for that event too, so 3 day Netrunner weekend.

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This is awesome! I am thinking of going to Malmö (20 February). Could you help me get in contact with the locals, @Yoshi?

Off course (I’ll let you know soon), note that the date changed to 27th, hope you can still make it and bring the rest of the Germans too :slight_smile:

Ahhh, that is sad… Me and more or less the whole Hamburg meta will travel to Den Haag for a SC on the 27th already. But I’ll check out some of the other dates and locations then - Malmö would’ve been nice as it’s comparatively easy to reach from Hamburg… I’ll drop you a message when I found a suitable alternative :smile: