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Announcing the ANRPC: Mid-Atlantic Circuit

This flyer pretty much sums it up. @mediohxcore and myself have been putting this together for a few weeks now (with help from others of course, @aandries and @bblum and more) and we are happy to say we are ready to go live! A few dates are still coming in, but all the stores are confirmed, it’s going to be a blast, can’t wait to see lots of you this Summer.

Any questions can be posted here, or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/ANRProCircuit/, but most info can be found on our website at www.anrprocircuit.com


We will keep you updated with more information about the individual tournaments as they come up both in this thread, on the ANRPC website, and all the relevant local facebook pages. If anyone knows anyone who plays in North Jersey we are still looking to set one up there and hopefully drag some New York people into this, so please let me know ASAP!


Nice job guys! the MAC is going to send a hell of a Champion to Worlds this year. That guy is going to have to survive a gauntlet of fire to get it done.


You guys awesome and I’m really impressed with what you are laying the groundwork for the future of Netrunner. I really hope this takes off. I can’t wait to play in the SMC here in Central Florida. I’m consistently amazed at what the quality of projects this community puts out!


So I thought it was for the Azores…

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I’m one of a few scrubs in northern NJ; though I don’t know the other players too well, I have played in store tournaments at Highlander (in Boonton) and at Fallout Shelter (in Highland Park) if that helps with venues. I believe The Only Game In Town (in Somerville) has a league, but have never seen any competitions there.

Ooh TOGIT, forgot about them. I’ll get in touch if Boonton doesn’t work out, or if you know the names of anyone who has TOd anywhere or who is particularly active, give me their info.

Pittsburgh’s date will be 8/29.


Where? Out of curiosity. I’ve got vacation days to spend and family in pittsburgh.

Mr. Nice Guy Games. It’s actually in Monroeville, 15 mins out of town, but there’ll be no shortage of rides from east end or south hills areas if that helps.

Just finished looking up maps and am reminded how bad it is to get from A(south park)->B in pittsburgh. Thanks for the info, will keep this in mind as I decide what my summer plans are.

This will be really fun - I’ll see if I can make more than one of the Pennsylvania ones.

xerxes, who are you and where are you from

I live in (Milwaukee,) Wisconsin now, but will probably move out to Pittsburgh to attend CMU. My favorite IDs are Nasir and J:CP.


ugrad? grad? what department?

Undergrad at DHSS (Cognitive Science probable major), hoping to transfer to SCS.

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Good choices all around :slight_smile:

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Question for not just MAC, but the rest of the ANRPC events: does this tournament have a Code of Conduct anywhere? I tried looking on the site, but couldn’t find anything. I’m happy to see a community-run tour like this—in my experience, ANR’s community has been welcoming and inclusive, and I think have a definitive harrassment policy would show the community’s continuing commitment to providing a safe space for play.


Nothing yet. Plan on using Stimhack Floor Rules, when finished.

Cool, I’m glad there are guidelines being worked on for handling rule disputes, but as a clarification, I’m speaking more to a policy that addresses disputes beyond that of the game itself within a tournament’s environment, and provides accountability for bad behavior. As a reference, here’s an example provided for conference events, though something like this would be easily applicable to a game day: http://confcodeofconduct.com.