ANR Rotation League

With rotation coming, we need to have a place to practice games in a post-rotation meta. Here is the league for you.

The league is a ladder league using decks that do not include any cards from Genesis or Spin. The MWL is in full effect.

Where do I sign up?
Join The Challenge Board for the ANR Rotation League.

Password: rotate

How do I get games?
Join the Slack channel for the league #challenge_league

Post there when you are ready to play.

How long does the league run?
The league starts Sept. 3 and runs to Sept. 27.


I was thinking of an idea like this! Props for doin it, and I’ll see you there with my new hot Kate idea :wink:

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Ten players signed up. Room for lots more. Get ready for the new meta.

Doing this online is a great idea. We have been encouraging this since the previous league with an incentive for running a rotated deck.

Still time to sign up!

22 players are signed up. Still time to join the league and start getting ready for the new meta.

Props, @FightingWalloon. You are doing great work keeping these events going and the game alive.



  1. Same deck throughout the the game or different decks allowed? Modifications to original deck?
  2. Any max / min limit on how many games can be played?

You may play a different deck for every game.

You play as many games as you would like. It is up to you.


So far we have 12 active players and have logged 30 games in the first few days of the league.

You can still join in if you are looking for some games against players who are testing out post-rotation decks.

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