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ANRBlackHats - Dirty Laundry - Ep 14 - Geist - College Spirit with x3r0h0ur

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I posted this on NetrunnerDB, but I’ll copy it here too:

I’ve played with this deck and my own variation a bit, I have a few observations, probably more about me than the deck:

  1. I really need Account Siphon, I can’t hold back FA or Tagstorm decks without it. Both decks use cheap ICE, so Crescentus doesn’t hurt them much.
  2. Clone Chip is a really strong card, since it will essentially pay you for installing a breaker, that you will probably get paid to use. However, with all of the draw power in this deck, you will very likely run through the entire deck by mid-game. If you want to have a late game, you need Levy AR Lab Access
  3. I know flatline decks are not very big right now, but Crash Space may be necessary if they come back. Also, I’m running Siphon so I like the free credits.
  4. Off-Campus Apartment is really great if you get it early, but once you are running, you will have plenty of draw. I don’t use it much. I’ve also seen more Elizabeth Mills than I feel safe about.
  5. Passport v Peacock, when I blow up all of my Crowbars early, I like being able to hit a remote repeatedly, particularly in this current meta loaded with Marcus Batty, Caprice Nisei, and Ash 2X3ZB9CY. I don’t think Passport offers enough advantage over Peacock for me.
  6. Savoir-faire is better than I thought it would be. The deck draws a lot of cards on a run, and installing a Crescentus from hand to derez a Tollbooth the corp just rezzed feels gloriously dirty.

In summation, I really, really like this deck. It is working far better than anything I had been cooking before @CodeMarvelous and @X3r0h0ur shared this with the community. I really like the fast setup and play I get out of this deck. As described, it pressures remotes very well and bottles agendas up in HQ.