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[ANRPC] BABW Season 2

Hey folk,

We’re just spinning up to run season 2 of BABW. Keep an eye on babw.net for updates. It’ll run from August-October with the finals weekend TBD, but likely to be the 15-16th or 22nd-23rd October.

I’ll post updates here and on UK Netrunners facebook page too.


Yes mate. Good work. Get more updates!

Laurie Points should be made available for this…

Do I need to encourage my FLGS to get their shizzle together this year and try to host one? What’s the mechanism for trying to get them involved?

I’ll write a call to arms for hosting applications at the weekend. I fear that we’re going to have more requests for tournaments than I can support. This is clearly a good problem to have… but… yeah.

The short version is: email babw.uk@gmail.com if you want to host, I’m not promising anything.

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If you’re interested in hosting a BABW qualifier this year, see here and please get in touch.


It’s been a while, we can still fit 1 or 2 tournaments on the calendar. If you’re interested get in touch by Friday 1st July.

I’ve updated BABW.net with a list of organised qualifiers.

Check it out!

@groober kindly donated his NAPD contracts from Worlds 15 to our prize pool. In exchange he wanted us to do a bit of fundraising. I’ve promised £200, but I know we can do much better. I’ve asked the TOs for BABW to have charity collections at their events. If you want to support the cause please donate here. If you want your donation to be associated with a particular store’s event then mention it with your donation.

Donation Page.

The MaxX art on that site is by Pandalion. It’s available as a participation prize at BABW qualifiers.