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ANRPC GLC Qualifier - Mead Hall Games & Comics - 8/22

Sorry about the late notice.

To quote Nicholas Leeman from his facebook post,

Prize support is HUGE!
1st place - Qualifies for ANRPC Regionals in Chicago, IL & Alt-Art Eli 1.0
2nd place - Qualifies for ANRPC Regionals in Chicago, IL & Alt-Art Datasucker
3rd place - Qualifies for ANRPC Regionals in Chicago, IL & Free copies of Data & Destiny AND Universe of Tomorrow (upon release)
4th place - Alternate for ANRPC Regionals in Chicago, IL & Free copies of Data & Destiny AND Universe of Tomorrow (upon release)
5th - 8th place - $25 Store Credit
Additional prizes randomly distributed all day!
This event will cap at 50, and is absolutely expected to sell out. Call or stop by the store to reserve your spot.

Facebook page is here.

Signs up will be on this page. To sign up and make a payment just click on the ticket icon underneath the event and add it to cart. After that click on the cart icon to check-out. :smile:

Hope to see some fellow Stimhackers there!


I am all but totally unprepared! Yay family life and mortgages!!!

That’s some serious prize support. Great work

Boom! signed up!! If you don’t have somone streaming the event already I have a pretty lightweight setup I can bring.

Thanks for the offer, but we have a streaming room, actually!

I am confident that we will be streaming on that day as well!

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I’m in boys!

I was feeling all bitter about work keeping me from the worlds side tourney, so I’m being somewhat irresponsible and doing this. Don’t expect much. I’ll be super wiped :stuck_out_tongue:

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I will be there, and proudly running some GLORIOUS jank!

I love you and your glorious jank. I know you frequent the Center. What jank should I run next we meet?

The answer, as always, is whatever jank makes you happy.

Stream will be up at twitch.tv/meadhallgames soon. We’re waiting on some players right now - parking is really bad because of a concert nearby.

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Thanks you guys for running a great event! Well worth the 3 hour drive. Great to put faces to stimhack names. See some of you at the finals weekend and at worlds!


It was awesome!

@Sotomatic I re-watched our games and would like to apologize. At one point I played a parasite on a tollbooth that put me over memory. I would have needed to trash the Cache I had installed. In the long run that means I would have had 3 fewer credits for the rest of the game and would have taken 1 net from your cortex lock. On the other hand, we missed a Noise mill at one point so we’ll call it even :wink: Still great games.I should get a playmat that keeps track of memory for me since I feel like I make a memory mistake once every tournament and feel really bad about it afterwards…


Top 8 from today, with 20 players:

  1. Abram Jopp
  2. Nicholas Soto
  3. Andrew West
  4. Tyler Bancroft
  5. Raja Doake
  6. [Nicholas can’t remember, and is a huge jerk]
  7. Jeff Schoenberg
  8. Melvin Lee
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  1. @TheBigBoy, Regionals runner up, League #2 Champ
  2. @Sotomatic
  3. ?
  4. ?
  5. @Ajar
  6. ?
  7. Fictional on NRDB, Regionals champ, League #1 Champ, League #2 runner up
  8. @gh0st_b1rd

3 through 8 and beyond were all on 12 prestige after 5 rounds of Swiss.

So, who’s going to Chicago?

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What were the IDs?

  1. Noise/NEH
  2. Hayley/RP
  3. Hayley/IG (I think?)
  4. Kate/NEH
  5. Kate/EtF
  6. ?
  7. CT/?(Etf?)
  8. ?/RP
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  1. Noise / NEH
  2. Hayley / RP
  3. Hayley / IG (confirmed, I played him)
  4. Kate / NEH
  5. Kate / EtF
  6. ?
  7. CT / EtF (confirmed, I played him)
  8. Kate / RP (confirmed, I played him)

I was NOT expecting to face one Criminal, four Shapers, and zero Anarchs. This has been a red meta for quite a while. Maybe people just got tired of red?

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Seemed like none of the visitors brought Anarch. I was also shocked that there wasn’t more Noise.

Apologies to anyone who watched our first-round match on the stream for making the only interesting part of my entire corp game happen in a server that was off-camera.

Baiting a Stimhack run on a Psychic Field and then losing the psi game is a pretty good representation of my entire Netrunner tournament career, actually.


I am the fourth place finisher. @norwegiangeek

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Oh, man… all kinds of mistakes. First of all, 6th place was Jeff Schoenberg.
7th place is Alec Johnson.

Abram’s decklists have been submitted to Stimhack.