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Anrpc New England?

What’s up with the New England Anrpc? The site still says that the schedule will be posted. Come on! I want some tourneys!


I was actually going to post this same question just last week. I saw that there had been a tourney in NH, but other than that nothing has been listed for a year. I just figured it was dead.

I’m still kinda new to the game, but I’ve started a weekly night at Dark Water Games in Mashpee, MA on Cape Cod. If I can start to get enough players, I"m hoping we can hold some local tourneys.

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I’m getting back into the game now myself. Will keep checking this thread. Located in Boston if anyone wants to play.

I’m in NH, but there aren’t many Netrunner players left in my local group.

I play at Pandemonium in Cambridge every Saturday at 1pm in their $5 tournament. I think we will have a GNK there in a week or two. We have been pretty steady with 6-8 people every week, but I think attendance is picking up and we may have a few more. GNK’s are pretty reliably 12-16.

I know nothing about the ANRPC, or any New England presence. I don’t even know who to ask about it.

I don’t know of any ANRPC stuff in New England but here’s some more Netrunner Groups that I’ve gone to:

I play Monday nights at Battleground Games in Norton, MA. We regularly have 6+ people for their free gaming. This Sunday is a double kit tournament for $10. We’re using the latest kit that has the alt art bank jobs and an older one that has alt art plascretes.

Tuesday nights in Chelmsford, MA there is a Netrunner League at Three Trolls Gaming that is $5. I’m not sure about the prizes for the league or how many people are there. I’ve gone only once so far and we had 4 people.

Wednesdays at The Board Room in Providence, RI is open gaming. I haven’t been yet, but I know one of the hosts is a big Netrunner fan and he has said they get quite a few people for it.

I also host a Thursday night game group at The Battle Standard in Auburn, MA. It’s just getting off the ground and Game of Thrones is the most popular one there, but there are a couple of us that also play Netrunner.

Saturdays at Pandemonium Games in Cambridge, MA I’ve heard draws a good crowd and they have some pretty strong players.

I think somebody on the New England LCG Community on Facebook was going to start up an ANRPC for New England. You could try asking there as well.

A few of us are playing Tuesdays 6pm at Dark Water Games in Mashpee, MA (Cape Cod). Just casual play right now, but hoping to set up some tournaments this fall.

I play Thursday nights from 5-9 at Diversions in Portsmouth, NH. It’s a general LCG night mostly with thrones, but Conquest, Ashes, and Netrunner as well. There’s also a small monthly tournament (3rd Saturday of every month) with store credit in addition to normal prize support.

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I love Diversions! That’s got to be my favorite game shop ever!

I wish I actually lived within like 6 hours of it (but perhaps my wallet doesn’t).

These meetups are all great, but where’s the official ANRPC Tour?