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ANRPC - the possible future of higher-end, fan-run, hyphen-filled tournaments


Continuing the discussion from Great Lakes Circuit - a series of upper Middle West tournaments:


If people want to discuss the possibility of a multi-region event culminating in a final tourney, comment here.

Copying this post from the other thread to get the discussion going.

Anyone outside of SMC or GLC up for taking the banner for their region? Or are people waiting to see how this year turns out before starting their own?

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It’s understandable to wait and see, but if anyone wants to create their own, however small, it would be cool.


It’s definitely nice to start non-FFG event seasons after Store Champ season, because Jan-March is all the competition most Netrunner players see unless they go to Regionals/Nationals/Worlds, which are pretty spread out compared to the density of events at the beginning of the year.


I feel like Iowa might be in a weird spot about this. From Des Moines to Minneapolis is about 4ish hours. Omaha is under 3. Chicago is 6ish. Kansas City is under 3.

Since the ANRPC has claimed Minnesota. It would seem the Midwest would be Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. This seems to be the typical Iowa problem though, being close enough to big cities to be looped into everything. Iowa is blacked out for 4 MLB teams.

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What does PC stand for

edit: nvm


Speaking for at least one person in the PNW, I like this idea a lot. More events in the “off-season” would make sustaining competitive interest a lot easier, I think.


I feel you. Iowa is welcome. My thought is, if it is close enough to drive to for a finals, it can work. If you’d rather be part of a Great Plains one with CO, OK, KS, and NE, that works.

If I end up going to Berkeley, I’ll work with whoever is setting it up in California.


I was going to ask the people at my LGS, but ended up not going this evening. At the SC in Des Moines, there was 13 people. I’m not too sure if there would be enough draw honestly. The two big play areas, to my knowledge, is Iowa City and Des Moines area.

Something to mull over for a little bit, talk with people and see how the chips fall.


Definitely think this is a good trend in light of FFG crapping the bed on competitive.

Totally related note, I’m still incredulous about Rochester over NYC (or any number of viable northeast cities). Gotta wonder who’s friends with which distributor for that to happen.

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Size. The Rochester store is massive.

And not insane to get to, like anything in NYC for someone who lives outside of NYC.

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Hm… I totally want to try pulling this off for Central Europe. If the two-day Regionals event I have planned for this year goes well (Swiss on Sat, Elims + Draft on Sun, plenty of drinking and socializing in between those two), I’ll give it a shot.


Sounds great, too bad it falls on the same weekend when I go to a four-day orienteering event which will also involve good deal of drinking, socializing and other fun things. If you decide to go ahead with a tournament cycle, let me know, I want to have a bigger tournament in Wrocław in second half of the year anyway.

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When and where is this?


He is talking about the slovakian Regional:
June 6th and 7th, Bratislava


Yeah - we have plenty of beer, are culturally very similar to the Belgians, and even have our own airport (though everyone still tends to use Vienna’s) :smiley: Come visit!


I’d love to visit, but I’m not going to be in Europe at the time… :frowning: