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Anyone in Dusseldorf, Germany next week?

I’m working in Dusseldorf next week and would love some time to run nets.

Any takers?


Last I heard, there aren’t a lot of players in Dusseldorf. If you don’t mind the half-hour train ride, come to Cologne on Thursday night, we meet at 6pm at Brave New World, Herzogstrasse 25.

@SpaceHonk - I actually could totally do this, although I forgot my cards! :frowning:

You’d be very welcome! We can certainly hook you up with decks to play with.


If you stay for more than a week you could also come to Krefeld (also an half-hour train ride from Düsseldorf).

We play in a pub on wednesday every odd week from 18:30 at least till 22:30.

Jules Papp,
Königstr. 153,
47798 Krefeld


So funny, I actually work in Krefeld when I travel there so I’ll hit you up next time, @Bitstream.