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Areas with the strongest playerbases? "The Smacktalk Thunderdome"


Title is pretty self-explanatory. I’m just curious as to which areas/regions have really strong playerbases with a lot of strong players.


GTA (Greater Toronto Area) for sure has a very strong player base.


Boston has some great players in the Northeast US.


UK meta


Southwest Ohio isn’t huge but we have a disproportionate amount of strong players


I think the Atlanta area has a pretty strong playerbase. It’s not a giant crew but we’ve got a lot of good players, I’d say.


the only way to determine this is to look at tournaments where metas merge… for example the worlds tournament had around 16 people travel from UK (5% of the field) with 4 making the cut (25% in the cut)


Seattle (but then, I’m really bias) but it’s the best met one ever played in, in a competative sense as well as a fun-loving one.


Not Maine.


Sure, but theoretically most of the people willing to actually make the trip from the UK are going to be the select few that are the most competitive and willing to pay out the nose to try and prove it at Worlds.

Not to say that the UK meta isn’t strong, just that I don’t think this is a good statistic to base that on.


2 years in a row 2 players compete and one player makes the cut :stuck_out_tongue:


Why does the regional go back to nyc then?


The DC-Baltimore-Philly region (huge amount of overlap) is a powerhouse. I miss it so.


This thread should be subtitled “The Smacktalk Thunderdome”

All I know is the Chicago Regional is going to be a no-nonsense, pipe-hitting, medieval affair as usual, oh yeah! Lots of solid local metas within striking distance of that: WI, Chicago itself, Indy, Louisville, Metro Detroit, SWORN, etc.


I play in the Boston area. All I know is that despite the gruff Boston stereotype, they’re all very nice when they beat me into the ground every week.


I was about to say exactly this.

Still… whereabouts is best UK meta? :stuck_out_tongue:

Brum certainly has some top players, and Bristol and Edinburgh? Newcastle won the recent Intercity too.


My old apartment had 2/2 players make the world’s cut twice.


Um are we talking A Game of Thrones or Netrunner here? :smiley:


I kinda feel like almost anyone can feel like their player base is strong, but without a frame of reference, it’s hard to actually know.


I mean, I used to be able to bench 275 so that is pretty strong. Or are we going by Olympic lift standards?