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Areas with the strongest playerbases? "The Smacktalk Thunderdome"

Can I move in with you?


Very True! I had an unbeaten Redcoats-derived HB deck that was a juggernaut in my part of Malaysia (I never got to play in KL), but was completely hopeless against the Boston Meta.

Also, the Singaporeans knocked my socks off and fed them to me.

Really from my experiences in Asia I would think only a fool wouldn’t slot 3x Plascrete.

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You’ll fit in the UK meta, I hear. :smile:

NE US and Atlanta are strong regions. I hear good things about some specific Canadian cities, and also the Bay Area on the west coast, too…


most definitely, they’ve cleaned up our local Durham regional for the past 2 years


There’s quite a few strong metas out there. Boston, Philly, SF, Chicago, NY, the UK, bunch of others … and there are great players spread around (Jens is a good example). I don’t think any one area has the “strongest” playerbase.

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I can honestly name strong players from almost everywhere in North America and a lot all over Europe.

It wasn’t always this way, but now I think great players can be found anywhere that has local meetups more than 1 night/wk.


ITT: People name the city they are from.

I don’t think this question is remotely answerable with actual data. And that’s mostly because regions only somewhat define what you play against (the internet does exist). And the second thing is that your success is not solely dependent on the meta you play in. There are just gifted people out there.


I second this.

anyways, no competition with the Metro Detroit Macho Meta if you ask me


Not really. I’m in NH and have played regularly there and in ME and MA (I said Boston meta was strong). Besides, people usually only have experience near where they are from.

The SSCI and PSI games should give a pretty decent picture, I’d think. At least you can factor out travelling.

Eh. I’m always grumpy that my local meta seems subpar to me. We keep wanting to try silly things, and not too many of us, despite a huge Magic community. I’d expect more converts, honestly.

Not sure about most places outside of MN, though I play at LGSs all around the country when I travel. Outer Planes in Santa Rosa had some good players.

Inside MN, the Mead Hall was the highest concentration of skilled players. Real pipe-hitting runners that go to work on you with pliers and a blowtorch.

I’m hoping to tour NH, MA, and ME store championships! I’m not particularly good, but I could use a whole bunch of Jackson Howards…

I doubt I’ll bring the same decks everywhere, and even if I did, I have a bad habit of getting tilted in one game, and playing poorly for the rest of the day. I even know when it’s happening and can’t quite break the bad rhythm.

I find it surprising that we have a player base of fairly decent players despite Mead Hall being the only LGS in the Twin Cities to even have a Netrunner community (FFG Center does not count as an LGS).

Honestly from the general patterns I have observed it seems to me that Netrunner player bases for the most part exist in metropolitan areas.

KC and Tulsa both have some really strong players. Mason and Sasha out of KC and then the Tulsa guys everyone knows. I had a ton of fun last year when KC and Atlanta both crashed the Team Covenant regional. That store was a bloodbath. Tons of really talented players.


I would say for sure the UK and the BalWash city grid. There are a ton of great players in Cali, but I don’t think they are all in the same area?

Lots of areas have 3 or 4 really strong, consistent, world-class players, but I feel the two I mentioned have a higher number proportionate to the player base.



It must be fun to play netrunner with you

Also @gumOnShoe You are hilarious, and deserve a plus 1, and not the plus 1 that google has, but the old school internet plus 1 that meant something when someone said it.

Also, it seems the capital district region of NY has no real players, so I guess I have to represent my area’s strength by my lonesome. We’re pretty tough as balls.

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LA meta is strong to begin with and we regularly get the top tier SF and SD people making the trip out for events

so it’s settled then, the strongest playerbases are everywhere in the US/UK or wherever you currently are


fellow seattlite here. Where do you usually play? Green lake games? raygun lounge? card kingdom?