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Availability of Opening Moves and Future Proof - a solution?

I noticed that there is a lot of unrest in the Netrunner community due to the lack of the datapacks Opening Moves and Future Proof. If anyone is interested, I could buy a bunch of the German versions of those datapacks and send them over. They are still available here in Germany and I would like to help out since the ebay prices for the English packs are kinda ridiculous. Granted you would have German cards and probably even a few translation errors but what the hell, at least you can build proper decks without selling a kidney. :wink:

In case anyone is interested just let me know and we can work something out. I would prefer to send a few bulks instead of single datapacks though.


I can do the same with french versions :slight_smile:

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I very recently ordered them (for the regular prices) from this guy:


Would non-english cards be legal for FFG sanctioned tournaments in America?

Why not? English is not the official language of America.

Well, it depends which state of America that you live in :wink:



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