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Baltic Meta Showdown - a new kid of tournament

Hello fellow netrunners.

I will tell you about a new OCTGN tournament idea we have and which we are currently testing in our neighborly community of Baltic’s (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia). I think this is relevant to you for multiple reasons: 1) you might want to do something similar in your local area - you could even make this a live event if your meta is big and active enough, 2) you might have some interesting suggestions, 3) we might want to make something worldwide later on.

Our setup.

We have a team Latvia, team Estonia and team Lithuania. There is no maximum limit of players on each team but you do need at least 4. Also each team has a captain to help organize things.

Every week each team faces each other twice. So in total we only have 6 games per week, where each team is represented 4 times. Pts are being counted the same as in regular swiss, only we don’t have a time limit so there can be no ties.

What is also special about this are two things: 1) during the same week any player can only play once, that is why you need at least 4 players, but more is better as life happens and especially during summer nobody can show up on all games either way, 2) every week each team needs to bring each faction to the table at least once, meaning there will be one of every corp factions per country and at least one + one extra runner factions.

With this setup we play 6 rounds and in the end tally all the points to see who was best.

p.s. I’ll be streaming my games with commentary on http://www.twitch.tv/reinijs/profile today at 18:00 GMT / 19:00 CEST.