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Best flavor, final round

  • Clone Retirement
  • Restoring Face

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So Jinteki hands down wins best flavor faction though, right?

Perhaps, but it could just be that people like seeing corps act evil

For those too lazy to check:

Clone Retirement- “They call it ‘retirement’. I call it ‘euthanasia’.” -Ken “Express” Tenma

Restoring Face- He slowly pried open the lid, and the tantō glinted madly in the half-light. The executive motioned to the blade. Looks like the meeting was being cut short.

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I think we can call it now. Clone Retirement wins 35-20

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Very happy to see Clone Retirement win.

One of the most elegant cards in the game in terms of mechanical and flavor synergy, and it’s such an amazing punch to the gut.

I’m super enamored with corp cards that are super dark and terrible while putting on a friendly public face, and this is the number one example of that.