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Best* Operation, Final Round

  • Biotic Labor
  • Scorched Earth

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Scorched earth is good in decks built for it. There are much fewer decks that don’t want biotic labor, but can’t afford it. It’s an extra click for the corp, and that’s a lot harder to deal with.

There has never been a card that has had such an impact on runner deck building than Scorched. Sure, people have been enjoying a less lethal meta today, but neighborhoods were blowing up left and right just a year or so ago. You had to respect this card out of Weyland or NBN (or even PE) or risk losing out of the blue. Scorched is a card you can feel good about seeing multiple copies early, unlike Biotic.

Biotic labor can just mean scoring another 2 points, which could win a game, but normally that is reserved for a 2/1 in NBN or pushing through assets/agendas until the runner can’t react in time with HB. A powerful effect for sure, but when considering the best of the best, I choose the card that wins on the spot the majority of the time.

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Exchange of Information is the best operation.


“Which is better: the linchpin of meat damage kill strategies, or the linchpin of fast-advance scoring strategies?”

I’m not sure that question is actually answerable.


Scorched is better, if nothing else for the moment when the runner sees it in HQ/R&D and you see the look of terror on their face…

Biotic wins, for now