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BGG Madness Round 2 just started


Let´s just win this thing for the third time. Nobody is expecting us so far and it doesn´t look good at the moment. Anybody ever played Ra? (some Knizia game apparently) :wink:


I’ve played Ra. It’s… Not especially good or inspired design.

That it’s beating Netrunner currently speaks to the reason I stopped caring about the BGG Madness: People intentionally vote for something else to make a game lose, not because they think the other game is better. (It happened a couple years ago to A:NR to prevent it from winning another year in a row.)


It´s still great fun I think, especially this year. I just love games competing against each other and I think it would be possible this year to show off a little about Netrunner :wink:

Edit: Also the rules this year seem cool. Quoting the guy organising (seems very dedicated): “You may vote for any games, whether you have owned or played them. You can vote based on any criteria that is important to you. You can cheer for your team, recruit legitimate voters, and rib the other team - just keep it moderately civil! Please feel free to comment on the games and match-ups, and most importantly, have fun!”

So yeah, voting against a game just because is absolutely ok. But let´s show them it´s not enough to stop Netrunner, that´s my point.

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Yes it is. Has been for a couple years now…

It’s just a silly popularity contest that’s rigged against certain games, it’s fine.

Thank God we don’t use this system for anything actually important like Presidential elections for large countries…

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TBH I think Ra is really cool, and I say that as someone who loves netrunner. Obviously for me Netrunner is the top-tier game but that’s a biased sample since I’m heavily involved with netrunner. Its pretty clear that someone who isn’t really into Netrunner style game-play might like Ra more.

Hmmm, or maybe you just don´t like netrunner enough to show off on BGG and get some of those frowny eurodudes real maaaaaaad :wink:

I nearly punched my monitor in reflex, thanks for that. :stuck_out_tongue: