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Birmingham Regionals 2016

Back by popular demand, so desperate is the forum for content, and more had work that actually playing through the Regional itself…

The return of the blog (and this time it’s personal)

Congratulations to Alice on the first UK Regional title of 2016, although I don’t mention her here, because it’s all about me.


Nice stuff Gaz! Grail plus Snare is a very solid alternative to the bioroid imports, and fills the gaps that piss poor Jinteki ice has to fill! So how much ice is Palana running now? 18 is a lot to begin with for most lists. How was Cobra vs Assassin?

I’m running more because you have to keep some Grail in hand. Based on what happened on the day I’d even potentially swap an Interns for another ICE. Grail is particularly vulnerable to Parasite and you need to be able to support it. Cobra I thought I’d trial, but it wasn’t useful being itself so low strength.

Assassin was very good. Most players were burning resources on Grail and other low strength but awkward ICE, I don’t think they really expected a big, healthy sentry. Given how rich Palana can be, I’m even tempted by something like Shinobi! I think a nother Lotus field is probably worth it too.

A lot depends on getting some econony early. If you get an early Sales Team scored, you’re generally ina strong position. The worry with all the ICE is cost of constant rezzing, especialy versus Whizzard. Sometimes you’ve got to let the Runner in and save your money.

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Shinobi Lol! That definitely sounds like a dirty trick you would pull! I think I was a lot more conservative in my lists and had an Ashigaru instead of Wall of Static. I agree with you on the Sales Team, just as important as Nisei to score. Did you have an akward time scoring to 7 with only 2 5/3 agendas, have people gone off Clones Are Not People as a 1x?

I don’t like Ashigaru, there’s too much potential for Data Sucker / Parasite on a 9-cost barrier that doesn’t punish face checks. Compare it to an Assassin or something meaty - or the significant up-front cost compared to WoS.

Often I’ve scored 6pts and need to find a way to get a winner. Having Philotic instead of Fetal normally means I can sneak that out without someone checking it. I’ve also run a list with Medical Breakthrough instead of Sales Team, but I don’t think that would work with Grail as well as you need to consider your ICE and economy package more carefully.

Your tournament report was amusing evilgaz!

Is Alice the first woman to win a regional level or higher netrunner tournament? If so that’s something to celebrate.