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[Blue Sun] Bootcamp Glacier


Spoken like a true Brit.


So the Quetzal + Faust + E3 + David builds floating around right now seem to be a massive problem, from what I can tell.


Heh. Anything that isn’t killing the runner is struggling at the moment.

EDIT: Well, not everything. But for us normal haxxorz, killing rich runners seems a better bet atm.


I know this is the Blue Sun thread, but I’ve had a pretty tough time against a Personal Evolution deck with Enigmas, playing as Faustzal. The last thing you want to be doing is pitching cards during a run to break ice subs. I’ve gotten killt twice now.


so you are saying time for BlueSun to slot in some Snares :smiley:?


I love killy Blue Sun, I’ve played a good amount of it. I always want to put in Snares! but influence is hard.

I just hate the feeling playing (dat Weyland feel) that deck when it becomes 100% clear you have no path to victory, and you just sit there waiting for the runner to win. Which happens with the kill version often enough.

I have had a couple of extremely satisfying Contract Killer-assisted kills in the past few weeks, however.


I totally understand, that’s exactly the feeling that pull me out of the 6 agendas Killing deck. Too often you realize there is a way too long to go for you to win after looking at the board and your hand. Tournament becomes no fun anymore.

Also, let’s get the contract killer love spread ! Great card! :blush:


So is anyone else thinking about replacing Ash with Old Hollywood Grid? Helps you avoid comparing credits with rich runners, and feels like it could get going faster. And if you only run one 5/3… :3


Just come back from Gencon, 10-4 including 2 very winnable time win. My corp went 5-2 (with 1 time win against a Kate, but I forced her to run through CW+booth to trash the unrezzed ITD twice, so I think I can definitely win the econ war after that and I was ahead on points too.)
Played against 3 FaustNoise, 1 RegAss Maxx, 2 Prepaid Kate,1 Hayley
2 loses were both to Noise.

I don’t know if this is going to be my last bootcamp glacier big tournament report (certainly not hope so), but the meta right now is really frustrated for Weyland glacier deck.
I didn’t feel it that way when lots of Kate were in the meta, neither did i feel it that way when I lost badly to Val. But with Faust Noise being the new “Andrometa”, I’m a little burned out thinking about this match up.

People said parasite is never a problem for BlueSun, also you can tutor for Jackson and intern stuff back so it should be a good match up. But the severe clock Noise put this deck on is such a big deal, let alone Faust and David making remote much easier to break through. You could find Jackson in time, you could intern back some stuff, but you don’t really have a scoring window for the 3/5 if you saw clone chip with David online, and you won’t have enough time to score 4 agendas for sure. I don’t feel like I even have the time to install Jackson.

-1 crisium +1 CVS should be better now, as CVS can also bluff as crisium in RD/HQ to double the lady counter or discourage criminal to run HQ. Contract Killer may be helpful but it got milled in my games. I somehow blew away a PPVP Kate’s 12 credits Kati with it, so there is that.

props to ITD. It makes the Kate game much easier even without the need to click it. It also won me a game against a Heylay with Vamp/14+ handsize/GameDay/Grimore Faust/Levy/3 Medium/Hyperdrive. It would have been impossible for me to win with the standard build. All his 3 medium never get the second counter from my Tollbooth+sipderweb R&D. To contest it, she needs to pass raw booth first and ETR by ITD siderweb, huge tax.


I played at the table right next to you for 2 or maybe even 3 rounds, saw you doing work with blue sun! I think you were the top Weyland player at nationals actually, well done!


I knew Noise was going to give you and @aandries , the BS hopes at GC, fits. Aaron actually milled out a Noise, only for him to glory run win, milling a 2 pointer with his last virus.

Deck’s in a bad spot right now.


Thanks Kyle!
Really nice meeting you at GenCon. Hopefully we could play some Octgn soon!

I know that to carry the bootcamp deck through Swiss, I need to not lose more than 1 game on the runner side. And if I’m lucky on paring (which I wasn’t) then maybe I can afford 2 loses.
My Maxx also went 5-2 with a time-win (This one is unavoidable because the full ITD game, though I got the future perfect and was up 3-0, so it looks good ). One single careless move on my side and got the game loss directly from that. So mad at myself after those runner losses.


I won the first Noise by rushing out a pri-req behind double Hive as my first agenda. Can’t ask for that start every time though.
I almost pulled through the second Noise who started with 3 cache grimore and got aesop turn 2, Wyldside turn 3. Scored okatown and pri-req, rezzing a Curtain for free in R&D. He was on 6 when I got him almost decked out, he sold his wyldside and run through CW with last possible david and top deck the atlas.

The third Noise abusolutely crushed me, milled 4 points turn 2, picked 1/5 out of my hand. One of those games. But this is the game that put me out of cut for sure when I was on 10-3 with 2 time wins.
So yeah, bad spot.


The deck slot only allows me to include one Contract Killer. And if it got milled, I don’t think it worth the time to intern back and advance next turn though : ).
As I said, Timmy’s midseason build would be better at this with 2 contract killer. It’s also more flexible to fit in 1-2 CVS.
But overall, it’s too hard to tech up against both Kate and Noise/Anarch right now. :wink:


I’m not sure there’s time to pay 4 credits and 4 clicks to install, double advance, rez and then take out Aesop - only to watch Noise install another from hand or a Peddler or a Wyldside draw or whatever.


Yeah, in a rough spot right now. I really want to reintroduce the 2x Restructure to help when I need to rush, but you can’t afford to lose the tech slots.

I REALLY like Timmy’s barrier suite, though. 2 Hive, 2 Spiderweb and 3 Ice Walls makes Kate sad. The lack of a second Tollbooth hurts, but having 2 Lotuses for rushing against Anarch is good, especially if you pair it with the Power Shutdowns for Net-Ready.

I honestly think that Old Hollywood Grid will be a upgrade over Ash, but that needs to be tested. It might be time to try a more rush-focused version, but that loses a lot of the synergies of the base build. I want to keep running Blue Sun, but FFG is making it hard. :confused:


I’ve been always running 2 Restructure in both of my build.
I cut the 3rd restructure 2mins before the deadline of submitting the decklist in GenCon together with the 3rd booth to fit in 1 Lotus and 1 ITD. I have 9 agendas with 2pri-req, and the only tech card is contract killer.

I wish I could have Chronos project, CVS or power shutdown , but ultimately I feel like none of them is as important as having the early econ burst to rez some tollbooth asap.


Yup. got stomped to death by Faust at BABW Reading. Was not fun.


A fine idea. You could even run 1 Pri Req and e.g. 1 High Risk to avoid your only 5/3 getting stolen from R&D.

Unfortunately, Old Hollywood Grid is hosed by both Film Critic and Imp, and most of the rich runners you will currently face will have one of them.


No Bootcamp here, so technically it may not belong in this thread, but I would appreciate some feedback on this. The basic idea is to build an EtF-like rush/glacier hybrid that can score its last 2 points by fast advancing. Originally, I wanted to build a deck around advancable ice, and there’s some vestiges of that left, but Weyland really hasn’t the agendas for that. A late-game FA score-out, however, might have some legs in place of the Scorch or full glacier plan.

Blue Rush

Blue Sun: Powering the Future

Agenda (10)
1x Hostile Takeover
2x NAPD Contract
3x Oaktown Renovation
1x Priority Requisition
3x Project Atlas

Asset (7)
1x Contract Killer
1x Daily Business Show •
3x Jackson Howard •••
2x The Root

Upgrade (3)
1x Caprice Nisei ••••
1x Crisium Grid
1x Cyberdex Virus Suite

Operation (10)
1x Archived Memories ••
3x Hedge Fund
3x Oversight AI
2x Restructure
1x Trick of Light •••

Barrier (10)
1x Changeling
3x Curtain Wall
3x Hive
3x Ice Wall

Code Gate (5)
2x Enigma
2x Lotus Field ••
1x Wormhole

Sentry (4)
1x Archer
2x Caduceus
1x Nebula

15 influence spent (max 15)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Underway