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[Blue Sun] Bootcamp Glacier


Not sold on Public Support. It could maybe be okay as a 1-of but it doesn’t seem like scoring food is THAT hard in most matchups.


Public Support has been amazing in… uh, non-Weyland decks for me. I’ve yet to try it in Weyland, but it certainly seems less good on paper here (than in other decks) - though that doesn’t make it bad.

I don’t think two remotes is that uncommon, I’ve done it before with a dual Adonis build in scorch variants, and w/a scoring remote and a Blacklist remote in boot camp variants.


It’s like how they hate to spend 4 to score an NAPD at almost anytime.
Now they need to spend 4 for nothing or else it scores itself for you. 2 rez is not that big of a deal if that is all you need to invest. The clicks it saves is something super amazing in this click intense deck.


The thing I don’t get about DBS is how you are protecting it. Making a second remote, having it compete with campaigns for time in your scoring remote, putting it out there naked - none of those options are attractive. My guess it you are making a lightly protected (e.g. 1 small piece of ice) second remote?


Public Support gives Scorch Weyland more pressure tools, forcing a run on a server and getting a credit swing to happen (looking at you Kate) since the default is “run R&D until they advance something”. I personally love the idea of points that score themselves, Weyland is developing their own work compression finally between the Renovation agendas and Public Support.


It plays like a cross between old bootcamp style and HBFA. DBS’s high trash cost combined with public support’s high trash cost means that 1 ice will usually cut it. I’ll protect it with cadu against a 0-link runner or with hive against kate or with assassin against anybody.


Fair. I realize that I had been thinking in the mindset of Bootcamp glacier whereas this deck is quite different - Public Support and 3 Launch Campaign make additional lightly protected remote servers far more attractive. Still, supporting those additional servers is an investment (primarily drawing and installing more ice). You don’t want to push it too hard, especially against Shaper where you’re already interested in a third server to let you Jackson without feeding Astrolabe. But really I should try it; DBS is a really good card and I wouldn’t be surprised to find that it’s better than Adonis + EBC.


At this point why don’t play the thing in Gagarin? OAI+CW? I am bit fed up with people destroying my CW first turn with D4v1d anyway. How do you overcome this problem? Not play it at all agains Anarchs? Crims like Breach more and more. Shapers…I am sure Shapers can break it first turn, too:)


Don’t play OAI first turn, and wait until you have an ice to put outside it.


Nah, I’m from the play it and see school of thought. At worst, you’re spending 2 clicks and 2 cards to make the runner spend 2 clicks to use a D4v1d. Late game, that d4v1d can crush you.


The same reason virtually every other Weyland deck is best in Blue Sun, even without OAI: Parasite resistance on it’s own is just plain better than anything you get from another Weyland ID.


It was always my philosophy, but they tend to come back- abundance of Deja Vus and Clone Chips makes the loss of one D4v1d almost unnoticable compared to my loss of 13 creds (and econ cards I could have played instead). I will try with Ajar’s solutions, thanks for this one. Turns out I was always too greedy- or maybe I am too nervous about Corroder breaking it for measly 7 (not counting any Sucker discount) and destroying it anyway.

Parasite resistance was the thing that has drawn me to Blue Sun in the first place, but (probably I am doing something wrong) the Ice suite is not enough to prevent excessive Sucker token farming and then the big guys are instaparasited. I tried to turtle, I tried to rush. Somehow both things work better for me in HB.


I played the launch campaign version against Kate and Maxx about a half dozen times, and the deck can frequently get to 5-6 points, but actually winning was a tall order from my experience. The deck felt really poor all game without getting off a successful OAI play early (not guaranteed at all), and Hive felt like a much worse piece of ice in many of the games, since the scoring pattern, given the addition of Public support, made it totally blank before I was ready to be down 3 pieces of ice sometimes. So I’ve moved back to the Adonis/EBC package, put restructure in over Launch (@crfluency disagrees with me on this) and changed the 3rd Hive to the second Spiderweb. It feels really good (as far as Weyland decks go =p)


Blue Sun: Powering the Future

Agenda (9)
2x Global Food Initiative ••
1x NAPD Contract
3x Oaktown Renovation
3x Project Atlas

Asset (8)
1x Adonis Campaign ••
2x Executive Boot Camp
3x Jackson Howard •••
2x Public Support

Upgrade (4)
2x Ash 2X3ZB9CY ••••
1x Crisium Grid
1x Cyberdex Virus Suite

Operation (10)
3x Hedge Fund
2x Interns
3x Oversight AI
2x Restructure

Barrier (7)
2x Curtain Wall
2x Hive
1x Meru Mati
2x Spiderweb

Code Gate (5)
1x Datapike
1x Enigma
2x Tollbooth ••••
1x Wormhole

Sentry (5)
2x Assassin
3x Caduceus

Multi (1)
1x Orion

15 influence spent (max 15)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Data and Destiny

Wormhole is a bit suspect, but adding a 3rd Assassin and running 6 trace ice seems pretty dangerous as well. I always want to find a way to fit Ichi into Blue Sun, but until Weyland gets an in faction scoring upgrade, I don’t think it’ll happen.


Yeah I agree with @hhooo on the DBS->Adonis+bootcamp

But the extra money that comes from launch through turns enable me to purge virus counters is something I never had when I played the old adonis/hedge/restructure BlueSun against Noise. Also launch campaign is never awkward in any server, the annoying remote or the scoring remote.

(Thinking about +1 launch +1 ichi -1 Assassin -1 Adonis too, then the two bootcamp could be 2 restructure, or 1 each because I need bootcamp to be Jackson against Noise)

Wormhole doesn’t sound good to me because they are also awkward on any position when david is in the runner’s deck.

Public support is sweet, I’m going 3 of it now. :blush:


ohhhhh, I see. Playing Restructure and Launch. That does sound better. Nice.


Thanks for the testing niles :slight_smile:

I think 1 adonis + 1 EBC + 1-2 launch is probably the best package. The 2nd EBC doesn’t seem to justify its slot much anymore when launch is a fine backup for adonis, and that extra slot could be a 3rd public support or something higher-impact than “have adonis every game”. But I agree with ran that the 4th copy of jackson is still needed to beat noise.

Sorry DBS, I tried to make you work.


I can confirm that the 2 Hive + 2 Spiderweb is probably the best mix. If you can find the room for 3x Ice Wall, Kate is really sad.


I’m really excited for this new direction of BS Glacier. What’s your plan with Public Support? Score one of them and then never advance an Atlas for the win?


Question: What’re your thoughts on Old Hollywood Grid as a replacement/supplement to Ash? I’ve been testing it out and I’m pretty pleased with it. Way I figure if you were going to spend 3c+ on the Ash trace anyways then OHG makes value. It’s 1c more to trash, and they synergize, to an extent.


Did you change you agenda composition for OHG?