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Brand New Player

I’m brand new to the game, and just wanted to say this is one of the greatest games I’ve ever played.

I’ve only gotten to play 4 times, but I didn’t want to stop. It is so rich in it’s depth and strategy, and such a cool idea for a game.

I honestly like everything about it, and I know that the further along I get I will run into some of the negatives people have posted about for the meta game and all that. But I really, really like this game.


You’re preaching to the choir, brother. :slight_smile:


Where are you located, you might find even more players.

I’m in Carolina Beach (Wilmington), NC.

There is a group of people who play here, but from what I can tell it’s been difficult to get everyone together at the same time to play.

Luckily one of the game store managers plays, so I will almost always have someone to play against. One of my buddies at work is going to give it a try too, and I think he will like it a lot.

Welcome! Netrunner from Durham, NC here! Great to hear you’re enjoying the game so far… Hopefully you can get a playgroup established and get a lot more familiar with the game. Netrunner can be a bit daunting at first, even if you’ve played other card games before, but I think as you get more experience you’ll see that it’s one of the best-designed card games in the world.

A few suggestions on expanding your Netrunner IQ:

  • Play learning games against a more experienced opponent. Veteran players can really help you learn about the Timing Structure of the Run, including all the different Action Windows, which is a very difficult concept for a lot of new players to get the hang of, as well as any gameplay mistakes you’re making.
  • Play against a lot of opponents and a lot of different deckstyles. Learning all the tricks and gameplay styles of the various IDs on both sides of the game helps you learn what tricks to use watch out for!
  • Watch gameplay videos made by Team Covenant on Youtube. A lot of people post Netrunner content on Youtube, but they’re well-respected in the wider Netrunner community for their insightful analysis. You can learn a lot just by watching their vids.
  • Read Stimhack! There’s a lot of Netrunner websites out there, and some of them are of varying quality, but all the pros hang out here! :smile: Seriously, I think we have some of the best insight and commentary on the bleeding-edge of the game right here!

Store Championship season is in full swing right now. You may want to consider going to the Store Championship event being hosted by Cape Fear Games in Wilmington. Yeah, I know, it’s a major tournament, but there’s no better way to learn the game than by playing in a “live-fire” environment! You may not win many games, but I think you’ll have a good time anyway!

Also, my local Durham store, Atomic Empire, is hosting our Store Championship on March 7th. You should see if anyone’s up for a road trip to Durham!

Anyway, welcome!


Hey man thanks!

Actually, that’s where I play - Cape Fear Games! Sean is the store manager and he got me into Netrunner. I’ll definitely be playing in the store championship, sounds like a great fun.

I think I know your store actually, possibly, maybe. Do you have a judge for Heroclix named Jason there? If not, wrong store, but I’ve heard of your store regardless.

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The Triangle has a pretty awesome netrunner scene. Here in Raleigh, we’re at Game Theory every Sunday. Atomic Empire hosts the majority of the tournaments through. I’ll probably be at the store championships.

The stores that will hold store championships will be Atomic Empire, Game Theory, Event Horizon Games, and Gamers Armory.

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@Jarimy123 Actually, I’m not sure… I don’t play Heroclix! LOL I’m sure you’ve heard of AE though. We host a lot of the major Warhammer, Magic, and Netrunner tournaments.

@sonatinas Cool… a Game Theory player. Do you know when your Store Championship is going to be held? I know dates for AE, Gamers’ Armory, and Event Horizon. When I called GT the other day, the staffer told me he wasn’t sure about a Store Champs date yet…

The person who organizes our league is trying to find a date and will advise once known.The store has no idea what we do and relies on our league organizer to do anything. It should be on a different day than everyone else though.

I know CFG is trying to organize their store championship around the Raleigh area ones, so they don’t clash with the same date(s).


Come to Worlds. Plenty of negatives to run into there. (myself included)