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Bringing back e3?

With my regionals tomorrow, its been an introspective week for me, been running a deck pretty similar to other account siphon anarch (specifically account siphon noise, I can edit in the deck list for those curious, I’m just on my mobile at the moment and wanted to get the question posted) and I really want to pack in some e3 neural implants, it really seems like a meta defining card right now, with big tax decks on the rise and Eli in every deck, and I often specifically struggle against hb with their high str, high sub bioroids are resistant to both parasite and darwin/knight. And e3 does some light double duty since it’s decent with knight/darwin anyway. The Question? Is it worth playing 2 of them, cutting my siphon down to 2? Obviously meta dependent, but post mortem, does anybody wish they had been running them in their regionals? I’m debating between 1 e3 and 1 planned assault (for a ghetto 3rd account siphons) or running 2 e3 if it seems like it will be for more than just glacier decks. Thoughts and opinions much appreciated

Event (9)
2x Account Siphon ••••• •••
3x Déjà Vu
1x Stimhack
3x Sure Gamble

Hardware (8)
3x Cyberfeeder
2x e3 Feedback Implants •• ••
2x Grimoire
2x Plascrete Carapace

Resource (5)
3x Armitage Codebusting
2x Same Old Thing

Icebreaker (8)
2x Corroder
3x Darwin
3x Knight

Program (14)
2x Datasucker
3x Gorman Drip v1 •••
3x Imp
1x Medium
2x Nerve Agent
3x Parasite

My personal opinion is that there are cards that do a ton more for you in Anarch than Siphon does, for the inf. E3 is definitely good here, if you’re running Knights. With Darwin on top of Knights it’s mostly a no-brainer.

Watch out for making your econ too weak though - do you run at least 10 econ cards, not counting the Siphons?

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Sure gambles, armitage, and Gorman drips. So 9 others. Plus cyberfeeder.

What I like about account siphon in anarch is that you have the most event recursion, which makes spamming a powerful event stronger. I’m not of the “account siphon is king” philosophy, I find it very manageable, but I can’t afford vamps, and demo runs and kraken are too inconsistent. I really like kraken out of noise, as the only ID that can pretty consistently go scoop up a point out of archives mid game and then kraken> kraken, but I found 2 copies to be stuck in hand for too long (my primary objective in building anarch is to have no dead pulls, even at the cost of consistency, because of how little draw/search they have), to that end, 2 krakens was out, and I didn’t like how long I was leaving archives unchecked before hitting a kraken. And so account siphon was the most reliable draw at all phases of the game.

Do you lean towards two e3 Peekay, or 1 e3 and 1 planned assault (or other splash, I’ll edit my deck list in in just a sec)?

With Anarch’s lack of decent draw, definitely 2x e3.

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D4V1D’ll make it worthwhile too, I think, though that’ll be a while. A counter and 3c to break Archer? Yes please. Even cheaper than Femme (albeit only good for three runs.