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[Brooklyn, NY] Netrunner Store Championship @ Nu Brand Gaming December 10th

Saturday December 10th

Located at:
Nu Brand Gaming
194 31st street
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Registration begins at 10:00AM, first round starts promptly at 11AM

Entry Fee: $15/ $10 for Nu Brand Gaming members
Please bring copies of your lists with you, you can fill out this pdf! https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/88/30/8830ff50-cb14-409f-9f70-37a94acd300c/netrunner-deck-sheet.pdf

Tournament Structure:

We will be using fantasy flight’s official tournament rules at the Formal level, these can always be found here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/android-netrunner-the-card-game/

Swiss pairings
There will be 4-5 swiss rounds depending on attendance, with a cut to top 4.

Prize support:

1st place: Plaque and first round bye to 2017 Netrunner Regionals of their choice!, Hedge Fund Alt Art
Top 2: Femme Fatale tokens
Top 4: Anarch playmat
Top 8: Deckbox
Participation award: Pad Campaign Alt Art
Last place finisher of all swiss rounds: Hedge Fund Alt Art

Hey @competitioninme,

I added your tournament to my Netrunner tournament database here: https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/150

If you tell me your NetrunnerDB username, I can put it under your name. (Then you can modify it, add results, etc.)