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Building a gauntlet for nationals

I’ve been out of the loop of competitive netrunner for awhile, and want to start getting ready for nationals. I was hoping people could give me a quick rundown of the top decks (and maybe links to decklists, or I can just try to find them myself).

I had originally just planned on looking at the tourney winning decklists and picking from ones there, but it seems like those decklists don’t contain all that much information about the metagame. Reading the recent article for the Philadelphia regionals winner made me realize that I don’t know as much as I thought I did about the metagame (like I didn’t know that parasite in Andromeda was a common thing for example).

Thanks for any insight that you can provide.

Eh… You did notice the link on top of the site?

Saying tournament winning decklists? You can find all relevant decklists, including tournament sizes etc. http://stimhack.com/tournament-decklists/

To help you, Philly was quite big. Dan’s RP deck is very hot as was his Andro ( dunno if your Nationals have upstalk). Other relevant decks are Kate PPVP decks, for example Lopert’s deck. See youtube or our list and Chris Hinkes Jin PE shell deck.

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Did you not notice the second paragraph of my post? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: But thank you, that last piece of info you posted was what I was interested in seeing.

To be fair, the last 3 tournament winning Andromedas are all listed as carrying x2 Parasite, so the sort of information you’re asking for is certainly gleanable from the decklists.

Anyone answering questions about the current tournament meta is going to be basing their answers off of those decklists, so to a certain extent what you are asking here is for other people to read the decklists so you don’t have to.

The problem is that every one in anticipation of Upstalk. Things might change bigtime. NEH seems to b doing great on OCTGN, but what will it really do?:wink:

You might wanna join the Stim League, to test yourself. It’s a good competition. Good luck with your preparations.


“and maybe links to decklists, or I can just try to find them myself”

I’m well aware of the decklists and I’ve looked at a lot of them. I haven’t paid much attention to the lists with low numbers since I’m not a fan of small sample sizes. Some people that visit these forums may know what else happened at these events. The first place deck doesn’t always tell you very much.

Like I said in my original post all I wanted is for people to give insight as to what the “best” decks are right now. I’d actually prefer people to not comment if all they are going to do is base their answers off of the top decklists. I was hoping for people’s personal opinions, whether it be based on what they’ve seen in discussion, or what they’ve personally experienced in play or in their local metagame.

All in on astro FA
Midseason Scorch
Big money/tollbooths FA
Snares/Psychic Field + EMP (out of NEHub)

Next ice FA
CI Scorch
CI Combo
Protect the haas (If you’re good against glacier and HBFA you’re good against this)
Shutdown + program destruction

RP Ash Caprice
Damage decks (various)
Shutdown + program destruction

bad versions of hb decks

Siphon Recursion
Voicepad whizzard
Security testing + parasite recursion

Parasite Andy
R&D dig Andy
Test Run Andy
Janky Andy
Keyhole + Vamp Iain (Note: better in Andy)

Shaper (Lots of small variance by player, just expect some combination of the following cards):
Anarch Rig
R&D Dig

with either voicepad + lucky find/events or opus + modded/events as economy


Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for.

It doesn’t help that Upstalk hit an already pretty diverse meta (in my opinion, certain people who stated that the game wouldn’t change over the course of a few months would probably disagree, but they’re biased!) so a lot of things have been turned on their head.

That being said, while I’m sure we can come up with a few other examples (i.e., Gabe builds with Knight), I think @SamRS nailed the vast majority of them.


One random piece of advice for the Corp:

When playing against Criminal be very afraid of Security Testing. This card is just bonkers.


one not so random piece of advice on the runner side…run parasite. you dont need to recur it or run 3 copies but you will not win regularly if you are always paying the repeater tax on the bazillion efficient ice the corps have access too.


I left out knight gabe because it kinda died with the rise of glacier decks. people moved on to parasites


Yeah, I felt going into this like it was going to be pretty difficult to test against everything. The game seems more wide open now than it’s ever been. Still, it’s nice to have a list to at least base my testing off of. Again, I appreciate everyone’s help.

I left out knight gabe because it kinda died with the rise of glacier decks. people moved on to parasites

Parasite Gabe has always been around. I think Knight was just fashionable for a second because of group think. I’m still playing Parasite Gabe and it’s very strong. Its only real weakness is glacier (a big deal right now), but vs Midseasons and Astrobiotics I think it’s better than anything else.

I also noticed at regionals people did not expect Gabe, which is weird since I don’t think he’s ever been non-viable in a tournament environment.

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A lot of those decks have the same key cards, with rare exception (keyhole vamp, power shutdown combo).

Things you don’t want your corp to be weak against: Anarch rig, siphon, Atman, strong economies, parasites

On the runner side have a way to: trash all the crap the corp can throw out, stop FA (either prevent it from starting or lock R&D) and get around all the taxing ice everyone can throw out now.

I could go in depth, but that would take way too long and would lead to rambling