Cache Refresh - An unofficial tournament

FFG has a new official format for tournaments called Cache Refresh.

To encourage some practice and deck development with this format, I am organizing an online tournament using the Cache Refresh format, minus the FFG prize support.

The tournament will be a Swiss-style event played online using Players will have one week to play each round. (I know it can hard to organize games in this kind of format, but we will deal with that as best we can.) If we have enough players, we will have a top cut after 4-6 weeks of Swiss play.

Right now, I’m looking for interest. Would you be willing to play one game a week in this format to hone your Cache Refresh skills?


I would be interested

I’m down. Maybe we do it without the bidding though? I wasn’t super excited about that aspect of it.

I’m certainly interested.

I don’t think Jinteki can do the bidding, anyways, since there’s no way to set the starting hand size before starting a game.

Yes. We won’t use the bidding system. I will look into other options as I develop this.

I’m interested as well.

Definitely interested as another learning opportunity, really enjoyed the recent beginners league.