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Card "Nicknames"

I realized there are a few cards with nicknames that I don’t understand or haven’t heard an explanation for. What I mean by nicknames (if it isn’t obvious) is that we call Adjusted Chronotype “Pancakes” and Symmetrical Visage “Baby”. I haven’t heard the explanation for why Jinteki:PU is called “potatoes” and would love to hear any other card nicknames in the community.


You might see the word Penguin thrown around a lot. Usually this refers to decks using Hasty Relocation. The art on the building sort of looks like a penguin.



Bloose=Bloo Moose (Pronounced Blues)
Penguin=Hasty Relocation
"Big Fish"=Darwin


ABT=Accelerated Beta Test
SFT=Succesfull Field Test
RPC=Red planet Couriers
SFT=Shipment from Tennin
BWC=Bioroid Work Crew
Moon=Estelle Moon
Friends=Friends in High Places
HHN=Hard Hitting News

probably a lot more.


Blame the Brits for these nicknames:

  • Man On Top Of Car With Megaphone - Bhagat
  • Temmy Jay - Temujin Contract
  • Mr. Phones - Underworld Contacts
  • Shouty Cat - Rumour Mill
  • Penguin - Hasty Relocation

As for explaining Potatoes Unleashed, I’d have to explain Glazebrook first… :stuck_out_tongue:


PSK = Rumor Mill

…because PSK = Princess Space Kitten = the avatar pictured on the card

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  • Win Button = DLR
  • Black Tree = Personal Evolution
  • White Tree = Replicating Perfection
  • Metal/Red Tree = Potential Unleashed

Incidentally, do any of the other Brand Identities have similar names to Jinteki? I haven’t heard any but presume that’s due more to unplayability of the other Genesis Branded Corps. Of the Flashpoint Brands, only CtM and PU saw wide play after release.

I’m not convinced that more than about three of these are real… :stuck_out_tongue:


This old thread from Reddit has quite a few, including the fairly esoteric Anita and Franklin. https://www.reddit.com/r/Netrunner/comments/4g2kfn/netrunnerdb_request_make_weird_names_searchable/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=comment_header

Seriously, can someone please explain Potatoes? It’s a fun name, but I have no idea why it’s called that except that “Potatoes” sounds kind of sort of like “Potential.”

I was told early in my netrunner days that “potato” was a slang term for a shitty player. Not sure if that’s widespread or applicable to PU.

Also he told me after I had picked my user name, but I’m just owning it

Potato and Potential both begin with pot.

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No one mentioned Snek yet, it won a Worlds championship and is the nickname for Cobra


Around here we have La Sierra (The Sawmill) for Jinteki: Potential Unleashed.

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And around here we have “Mr Postman“ for Jackson Howard, because Deutsche Post/DHL is wearing yellow uniforms and Jacko is also called little yellow man.
Edit: typing on phone sucks


Jackson Howard has a bunch of nicknames:

Jesus Howard
Our Lord and Savior
Action Jackson
Jack Attack
Mr. Howard

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Oh god I just remembered another: Ash was known as “Children’s best friend” (El amigo de los niños) because, and I quote myself, “everyone loved him”.

Should say that more often!

Forgot about white/black tree!

Happy Baby = Symmetrical Visage
Angry Baby = Fetal AI
Mopus = Magnum Opus

Weyland 1, Jinteki 1, NBN 1 = Core set IDs (oddly HB core was always just ETF)

I call Whirlpool “washing machine” (although I do that in Finnish)

ETF nicknamed sometimes “End The Fun” in France.