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Card template idea for Netrunner reboot

Yes. I know there is no reboot.

If there were, my number one suggestion for the game and card templating would be to adopt from Conquest (and other games?) the use of Reaction and Interrupt as types of actions on cards.

This would eliminate a huge number of card timing questions that come up regularly in the game. It would also help card templating.

I was just reading today a conversation on Reddit about the interaction of Spark and Mother Goddess. If the two card abilities in question were either Interrupts (which trigger before reactions) or Reactions the answer would be simple and straight forward.

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And, in my opinion, all card art should look as big and great as in those world champion decks.

Strongly disagree. Good border design is what gives a card game an identity. Full bleed cards are fun as a novelty, but it’s got no place as the standard design.