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Cards designed by champions

Other than architect have any cards been designed by winners?

Dan is working on one and has talked about it, but he got in trouble apparently for spilling the beans on it, so i won’t mention anything about it.
it’ll come out at some point but hasn’t yet if that wasn’t already clear.

and whoever wins worlds this year will get to design a card.

Do we know anything about the 2013 champion’s card?

Could we, at least, know what type and/or what faction it will be ? :flushed:

Ask him in PM he’s pretty open about it :slight_smile:

It was very openly discussed. It was described as a modal neutral runner event, akin to a Magic card where you get to choose effects from a list. Who knows how it has changed in development though.

i know he had already posted on reddit and here, but he told us on Skype a while that he got in trouble for talking about it when he was on the Winning Agenda podcast (maybe they didn’t notice the others, idk lol)

anyway, yeah, it sounds cool. from what i’ve heard of it, i’d definitely play it. i’m really interested to see the final iteration.

Ok thank you.

I hope it won’t be something too similar to Infiltration.

From what I gather, he is a gambling kind of guy. It can’t be too boring.

I still don’t know what 2013 Champ has been designed.

Who was the 2013 champ?

The 2013 card should be in the Mumbad Cycle

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Jens, wasn’t it?

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You young wipper snappers. No respect. shakes cane

Jens Erickson is our 2013 world champion.


Did he get to design a card as well ?

Yes. He wants his card to be kept secret until it releases (which it will in the Mumbad cycle, presumably).

You’re not wrong. In 2013 I was still playing core set decks in my nappies. Now I have all the cards, but I still haven’t grown out of my jank-loving phase :smile:

What was the meta like in 2013? Those were the days of Andy and Fastro, right?

Katman and ETF FA were right up there.


Yeah, corp was HBFA all day every day (the old tourney structure, where it was important to score as many points as possible even if you lost, helped contribute to this).

Runner had a little more variety, although not too much: Crim - whether Gabe or Andy - was on top the whole time, with showings also from Noise (in the period after the release of Personal Workshop but before the release of Jackson) and Katman (which was generally recognised to also be strong, but Andy tended to win far more tournies - apart from worlds, obviously).

Don’t remember much noise aside from stubborn hangers on.