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Casual Decklist - Jinteki RP Infinite Loop Combo


Jinteki Replicating Perfection
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15 influence spent (max 15) •••••••••••••••
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Up and Over
Agenda (7)

3x Labyrinthine Servers
1x NAPD Contract
3x The Future Perfect
Asset (12)

2x Jackson Howard ••
3x Mental Health Clinic
3x PAD Campaign
1x Project Junebug
3x Sundew
Upgrade (7)

3x Akitaro Watanabe
2x Corporate Troubleshooter ••
2x Midori
Operation (2)

2x Hedge Fund
Code Gate (4)

1x Bullfrog
2x Cell Portal
1x Inazuma
Sentry (13)

3x Architect ••••• •
1x Matrix Analyzer ••
3x Pup
3x Shadow •••
3x Tsurugi
Other (4)

2x Chimera
2x Whirlpool

"Minimum you need Architect and Cell Portal (Cell Portal below the architect) in a server and a way to prevent jacking out(Lab Servers should be rushed asap). Midori can be used to bring in one of the two key pieces, usually I hold Cell Portal in hand and bring it in with Midori when I have a chance to infinite loop, replacing something like Pup or Tsurgi on the bottom of a server. Corporate Troubleshooter can be used to boost strength of whirlpool or Cell Portal. Install as many shadows as possible in the server using architect along with akitaro(if one was not installed already)… 2 Shadows and Akitaro net you 1 credit each loop assuming shadows are not broken. Architect can keep installing shadows and other cards to dig for shadows, remember you can use first subroutine to install an ice on a separate server trashing all of the ice in that server, use second sub to bring the shadow from archives to your loop server. Once you have infinite $, install a Junebug, and a Matrix Anaylzer, and advance it however many times you want. Finally install Bullfrog, and bring them over to your junebug.(runners can hold credits until this point technically, you can keep bidding 1, and they will eventually not be able to match and you can move them over to the Junebug)

This deck is for fun of course, It’s not meant to be a serious tournament deck. D4vid beats the combo, I am unsure of a way to prevent D4vid from just breaking the Cell Portal consistently at the end of the server, since Corp. Troubleshooter is useless there. The deck is not fun to win with when you don’t win with the combo, even though it is possible, so I advise not playing against D4vid decks :D"

Other fun things you can do in NBN with the loop is to data hound your opponents entire deck and trash all of their programs, Snoop their hand, and then score a chronos project on the following turn, or you could put an arbitrarily large number of advancement counters on a Beale, and get an insane amount of points. Architect and Lab. Servers is really the key to making this more interesting then the old Cell Portal through Komainu or Katana etc kills. Infinite #s are much more fun.

Anyways any more ideas are welcome, credit to my friend Brian and Team Evil for helping me refine the list and for quite a few fun ideas. I have successfully comboed in 1 tournament game so far (small GNK tournament). Forcing match point by scoring stuff is important to forcing the combo to go off.


Maybe Lancelot to kill D4v1d? Lancelot in HQ and one in server could keep adding another subroutine each time through.


what about edge of world? i could see deus ex being a problem if you really want the style points of not killing them on the loop through the server but on the access.