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Casual-ing Up Your Base - Strategies for Expanding Local Metas

We charge 10 USD per member.

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Per league day? Or for the entire league?

Entire league whether first week or last week

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Teach me how I build a league and what I need to say to my local players.

In the last 2 weeks I think you get in for $5. But otherwise, yeah.

Do you guys use a website to track results or do you just do it by paper? I’m trying to find a website where players can record their own results using a custom scoring system. Honor system is fine, it doesn’t need to be verifiable. Challengeboards is cool but I think it’s just for Elo.

The TO is tracking it on a chart that he posts to our Facebook group every week with the updates.


Yeah, that’s cool. I wanted to get something online so that I could accommodate a larger geographical area, rather than just one store once per week. I think I’m probably going to end up doing this as well though. Thanks!

Also I can’t tell from that spreadsheet, are you guys doing a tournament every league night or just free play?

I’ll further support the Netrunner school of hard knocks. One of my teachers had 2-3 siphons in almost every deck he ever made regardless of faction and made sure to use them liberally. There’s nothing more satisfying than 2-0-ing your mentor after tweaking decks for a month. Losing helps you adapt and get good.

Might explain why I stuff siphon into everything now, actually.