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Casual Tournament - Decks using 3 x Core & ONLY 1 Deluxe Box

I’ve got a casual tournament coming up soon, it’s essentially a GNK, but the rules are being amended to allow new players to join in as well who don’t have access to loads of cards.

The specific rules are similar to the Core + Deluxe format but with some tweaks:

We’re allowed 3 x Core Set
We’re Only Allowed 1 Deluxe Set in total regardless of our Runner/Corp choice.

That second part is the weird restriction as we can’t mix and match deluxe boxes. So chances are if I’m playing Anarch as the Runner I’d best go with Weyland as the Corp due to the larger card choice from having Order & Chaos to hand.

What kind of archetypes could work with this tweaked format? Any deck ideas from builder veterans? :slight_smile: I’m thinking that Criminal Gabe and Jinteki PE could work quite well. Failing that Weyland Scorch and some kind of Anarch deck. I’m not convinced I could make a good Shaper or HB deck in this format and you’ll have to do some major convincing to make me choose NBN as that will leave me with some very limited Runner archetypes.

If it’s just core and deluxe, your opponents won’t have access to Plascrete and Jackson Howard. I’d go Weyland and Noise, just like the bad 'ol days.

ID’s have to come from selected carpool as well or free ID choice?

No Jackson for sure, but Scorched is included in the Core Set. Actually SEA + Scorched is pretty good here, as the usual meat damage counters are not legal in this format (only IHW if you pick Order&Chaos as your deluxe box).

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ID’s must come from the same boxes so I’m limited to Core + Deluxe ID’s - the whole thing is designed to be a good entry point for newbies who only own a few cards and bring us who have the whole collection down to that level. It’s a cool idea and I’m all for it, but this is a first for me deck building in Netrunner to this style.

I was certainly thinking that Sea Scorch would be the Weyland archetype of choice as I don’t think the Constellation stuff would be anywhere near as potent.

You meant plascrete :wink:

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Whoops, I meant Plascrete. I’ll edit the post.

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The oddity is that the NBN box didn’t really do a whole lot to help the faction out. Mostly because it’s already OP. :wink:

The biggest worry that others have stated is the Weyland+Noise Core issue, that those were some of the most broken out of the Core set because they didn’t have any counterplay available. The only counterplay available to SEA-Scorch is IHW by taking the Order and Chaos box. And if you do that, it makes sense to go ahead and play an Anarch, too, like, say, Noise. (Although I suspect Ed Kim might be pretty powerful. Max and Val are unplayable I think.)

If you’re using Errata + MWL rules as well, I can’t imagine any other archetype being playable. If you use only Errata, HB or NBN Fast Advance might be playable… (The hit to Astro is concerning for NBN.) You can maybe get away with playing Shaper but you have to include Creation and Control, because there’s no point to Shaper without SMC+Clone Chip. You might even be able to out-money Weyland Scorch with Opus…

Butcher Shop is really tempting to take the power of SEA-Scorch and combine it with FA, but I’m not sure it’s playable with only one Deluxe (which would have to be Data and Destiny, for GFI alone.) That then neuters your Runner options, although you might be able to pull off Apocalypse Kate? Adam’s dead in the water because of all the Kill decks floating around in this meta… Apex doesn’t have the card pool to perform. Sunny might actually work, though you’d have to figure out how without UWC/Data Folding, so you’d have to go Angry Mama Bear Sunny.

Basically… I’d take Data and Destiny with NBN Kill+FA and Nexus or Apocalypse Kate.

Just take O&C and play Argus or Titan/Noise :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh crap!

There’s a second card available to stop kill decks:

Heartbeat. Definitely playing a Kate deck of some variety now. :smiley:

Here you go, Apoc Kate! (really bad version. :smiley:)

Never tried Apocalypse in action so I’ve yet to discover how such a deck world’s to begin with. Never a fan of things that need three successful runs to work.

Oh and the errata and MWL rules are in full effect I think.

I also wonder as you’ve got all the economy from O & C and Core, as well as all the Cutlery, would an ICE destruction deck work . . . . oh wait Quetzal would be my first choice but she’s a data pack. So you got Kim and Noise…would only work with Kim, if you’re doing Noise it’s virus spam all the way.

Such this.

Also, I really wish people would make tournaments like this, but allow certain packs/cards from certain cycles. There’s a lot of interesting card in netrunner that aren’t as broken as the ones people play all the time that would go well with the core box.

What’s the MWL situation?

If no MWL, Katman (or Kitman!) is a pretty dope option.

As mentioned ,all MWL and Errata’s are in full effect.

Even with the classic Noise and Scorch style decks, the inclusion of only one deluxe box does mean you’re using a lot of “meh” cards even in the Weyland one, especially with agendas. Anarch seem to come off pretty well, you can do a half decent Kim cutlery deck or Noise virus spam deck with only those cards.

It seems like a very strange decision to use MWL for this, especially if you’re targeting newbs.


Nah it makes sense; Gotta get used to the MWL sometime.

Exactly, whether you are new or not, you have to abide by tournament rules.

Three cores also weird. :slight_smile: