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Choosing Your Sword

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/choosing-your-sword/

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I just glanced over (did not have the time for proper reading), but I’m already confused by the linked decks. First, I think for CI shutdown combo example you picked is a bad one - Hasty CI has Power Shutdown in the decklist, but the scoring combo works different. To quote the deck description: This deck is not 7-point Shutdown CI. If you wanted to link a classic CI7 deck there, you picked the wrong one. :wink:

Also, some decklists appear twice - the “bear decks” (Hate Bear and Bear Trap Palana) are listed both as 100% tactical and midrange decks. That looks odd to me.

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Thanks for that find. That CI deck is indeed supposed to be 7-point CI.

Woops. That’s an editing mistake, good catch. Palana is supposed to be midrange, and Whizz more on the tactical end.

I will fix both of these.