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Chronos Protocol International Tour Official Announement

The new international tour has been officially announced (in Spanish).

Grrr I wish we could see these IDs & the alt-art Making News :).

Good times to live in Germany :smile:

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I think we can see the alt-art Making News-- I believe it’s the card shown, with just a picture of a camera lens. It looks pretty cool-- here’s hoping that either there will be Chronos Protocol events in the US or I’ll be able to trade one of my Gabe’s for a MN!

And it’s on!


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Very interesting. Turning your damage into sniping. Let’s you always hit the best thing, but you will be dealing less damage than with core Jinteki. How would you optimize your deck for this?

Wow, what the hell! Brain damage ID if ever there was one. Brain damage is significantly harder to hit the runner with, but wow that effect can just randomly end games. (Imagine an early brain removing your Corroder)

I think this ID would prefer a more “control” approach with sources of single net damage, like Shock, Data Mine, Hokusai Grid and Neural EMP. You’d have to play a very adaptable corp game, depending on what you can snipe, but it looks like fun.

I mostly like the implications of this ID: One Corroder installed and one in HQ? Do you discard one? Because now all those program trashers are twice as scary:
Is this a Cerebral Overwriter or AggSec?
Rototurret or Fenris?
Ichi or Janus? maybe even with Tyr’s Hand

(and the fun of bringing cards back into extermination range with Sherlock or Hellion Alpha Test…)


Oh, and isn’t it totally ironic that Monolith basically blank both of those IDs?

I think I like the Jinteki one from a gameplay perspective. The HB one seems like it could be a RNG driven game-ender. Boom: all your corroders, or all your Atmans are irretrievably gone. Better luck next time!

Also, can we convince you to be our Kati Jones and smuggle a bunch of the Alt Art NBN:MN IDs to the US ;)? I’m a huuuuge NBN fan and man… want that ID.

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I am so voting for jinteki!

I would vote for HB in a heartbeat if I were outside the US. That’s one of the coolest abilities I’ve ever seen.

Is it me, or the Jinteki Identity is completely shut down by Net Shield?

Like GRNDL is shutdown by Blackmail?
Making News by Toolbox?
Stronger Together by E3 Feedback Implants?
Cerebral Imaging by Nerve Agent?
or Personal Evolution by, um, Net Shield?

I mean, yes, Net Shield likely hurts this ID very much, but does it matter?

I’m already mildy annoyed by the Chronos talk at BGG… so much nonsense.

Sorry, small rant.

I do not believe it is because the ID says the first damage Suffered. I don’t think you “Suffer” the damage prevented by Net Shield. So a Snare! would be:
Damage 1: Prevented with Net Shield
Damage 2: Sniped with the ID ability
Damage 3: Random like normal

I also really like that the Jinteki ID says per TURN not per ROUND so if you Snare! on their turn then Neural EMP on your turn, you get to snipe once per effect.

So, with the Chronos madness about to begin shortly, as someone who will attend several, I have to ask:

Anyone have a spare alt Gabe that they’d trade for a spare alt NBN?

Yeah, I’ll trade with you.

I want both :(. I missed Plugged-in Tour because vacations are great.

Excellent! I’ll send you word once I have the cards in hand :slight_smile:

Conceivably, if you have some other interesting alt I couldn’t get hands on and you did (one of the gencons? one of the worlds? something else that wasn’t in GNKs?), I could be persuaded to assemble both an extra gabe and an extra nbn and trade with you.