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CI Off the Grid

Has anyone thought about/tried using Off the Grid/Crisium out of Cerebral Imaging? Just build up a nigh-inpenetrable wall on HQ and score agendas in the OtG server? Maybe include Fast Track to get agendas out of your vulnerable RnD and into your hand where they are protected, and force the runner into having to solely run HQ to try and win

The problem with that is that it costs so much money to do solidly (especially once you factor in the existence of Sneakdoor) and so many card slots, you end up not being terribly better off than if you’d have just gone the Biotic + recursion route.

Also, since you’ve spent all your influence on those two upgrades, you end up with funky ICE that isn’t really the best suited to your primary game plan, and you’ve increased the porosity of your RnD, thus boosting the runner’s efficiency at what has always been the best way to beat CI.

In addition to these points, it’s just plain impossible to set up the grid combo and keep the runner out forever.

Blue Sun will be the only ID that can pull this combo off because it can just set up the combo when it has a window, score, and bounce the grid back to HQ when you’re done with it. This is far better than leaving it there for the runner to trash at his leisure.

Well, imho, nerve agent beats CI;)

But as said above, all it needs to destroy such a concept is a runner with enough money and breakers. You cannot really threaten with a scorched and it costs alot of money. It’s the same reason midseasons/psycho CI doesn’t work that well.

In the two Chronos Protocols and a SC I played CI at, Nerve Agent by itself wasn’t enough by any stretch of the imagination. You also need to really, really drive down the cost of running said HQ repeatedly. The only person who actually managed to do that in those tournaments was a Kit with:

  • Paintbrush
  • Yogosaurus Personal Touched up the ass (think strength 8)
  • Escher

…which, as you’ll note, is a pretty damn specific setup that takes forever to get together :stuck_out_tongue:

(incidentally, HQ interface was more problematic for me than Nerve Agent was, because HQI-based runs can conceivably ignore Ichi)

I shoud’ve mentioned it was Gabe running Sneakdoor with nerve agent, in the days before legwork