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Collaborating to make Kit good out of the box in C&C

The only thing I really hate about your list Alex is Dinosaurus.

I know. However, the purpose of Dinosaurus is to make the 5 strength Yog. Because I couldnt include Datasuckers after including 2 Siphons. You also could have memory issues sometimes with Self Modifying, and it could help.

I hope we get a good shaper console in C&C.

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At first I had +3 Indexing (–3 The Maker’s Eye), but on reflection, Rielle’s ability does not compliment running R&D twice in the same turn.

I did the exact same thing.

Then, after being able to easily get into R&D once a turn but not more, I switched them.

I do like Indexing more in general. But NOT in Kit.

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Damn, okay, the more I test Rielle, the more I wish she was Chaos Theory. Gonna keep trying with Rielle, but also curious how much the current shapers will improve with the new cards. I’m tempted to just run a CT deck with 3x Stimhack, 3x Self-Modifying Code, 3x Personal Workshop, and an anarch fixed breaker suite.

I would highly recommend you reconsider Personal Workshop. It’s plagued with issues in Shaper.

Firstly, it has poor synergy with SMC. Secondly, even running 3x, you run a decent chance of not finding it in your first 10 draws. And finally, it has major redundancy issues in that having more than one in the deck is useless for small rigs, and large rigs are proving less effective in the current meta. It’s tough giving up the Stimhack/PW combo, but Shaper that don’t rely on it gain a lot of consistency.

I agree here, PW is great for combo style decks, but this deck is more aggro style. Which is what we want it to be, we want to run every turn to generate savings and snowball the game using her ability.

The benefits of PW are seen best in anarchs workshop decks, where the credit per turn is helpful, but the real benefits are installing on the fly and effectively banking your clicks from installs to make extra runs in later turns.

It should be another card we don’t want in this deck, leaving our economy options with: Kati Jones, neutral$events, armitage codebusting as the best 0 influence options.

The hope with PW was strictly to make it easier to combo with an early Stimhack which I see as feeding the aggro style. My hope was that in a Chaos Theory deck I’d be able to build a full anarch fixed rig with Stimhack and either PW or SMC in two seconds. That was, in theory, I’m still testing it however. At the moment CT with pw for stimhack aggro seems to be working much better than Rielle with a non-pw deck.

So as for Rielle, I’m disappointed so far. The free inside job each turn is anticipated, so if anything gets defended, then it’s with double ice at least. At that point, Tinkering is the only thing that will get me through. Once ice gets stacked 3-4 deep, then you are pretty much shut out. Doesn’t matter that you can in faction run 3x SMC, 3x RDI, 3x Maker’s Eye, Shapers are too poor and slow and can’t compete with the aggro econ of Desperado, Account Siphon, and Emergency Shutdown. Maybe I need to keep tweaking my Rielle list or maybe I need to try to incorporate ice destruction.

I didn’t think this expansion was going to put Shapers alongside Criminals, but damn, now I don’t think it will put Shapers anywhere remotely close, especially considering that Criminals will be feeling a further advantage from SOT and Dirty Laundry.

Now I’m just eager to see if the remaining unspoiled cards will make a difference.

I’m starting to think Kit would’ve been fine to print as a really strong shaper with 12 influence and/or +1 MU and/or her ability lasts until the end of turn because I’m feeling she’s not as strong as we think, although I still hope to keep testing to find out if she can be abused.

Just look at Andromeda, she’s so simple: 4 extra starting cards and a bonus link strength. However, it’s the insane criminal cards that make her so good. If Kit was a criminal, then she’d be insane as is.

My current iteration of Kit has replaced Yog.0 with Gordian Blade and has 2x Datasuckers • •, 3x Parasite •• •• ••, 3x Clone Chip, and 2x Stimhack • •

There’s still 1 more hardware and that’s all it takes. Hardware 3c: gain 1c everytime you break all of the subroutines on a codegate

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God, what I’d do for a 4 influence shaper console that costs 3c to install and says gain 1c every
time you break all of the subroutines on a piece of ice.

I actually find the one you suggested a bit weak. If it is codegate exclusive, then it should be gain 3c.

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I’m going to abandon this ship for now, I was hoping for a good aggro console for this deck to easily hit competitive tier, and got a brick in the mouth instead. It’s an amazing ability for sure, but I’ll be taking a break from this before I come back to try and make the criminal killer.


What a huge fail with this expansion for Shaper. I’m actually a bit shocked. Now there’s no competition but sticking with Andromeda the insane (or making Noise/pawnshop/sahasrara).

I guess I still have to slowly think through how Exile interacts with the newly spoiled cards, but I’m already losing hope.

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On the contrary, whilst the new spoilers are lackluster and the new IDs are lacking essential tools, Shapers are still viable. Actually I think I prefer it this way - now the meta will continue ignoring shapers, allowing me to come way out of left field.

The consoles still suck for aggro builds though. I’ll continue going consoleless.

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I wonder why nobody has mentioned that the Cyber-Cypher nicely complements Yog.0 for Kit.
Drop Yog early to get in for free and once servers get stronger Ice in front drop Cyber Cypher to break some more Code Gates for really cheap. How convenient that it starts 4 strength.