Community and Event Organizing tips

I wrote a lil’ (not so lil’…) article about community and event organizing with a bunch of tips for anyone who might decide to get involved in that sort of thing.

I have had the honor of organizing Netrunner events for the last 4 years and also the honor of being able to help quite a few people start doing it themselves in their own communities. So I figured that since I am leaving the Netherlands and dropping the organizer mantle, I would collect my thoughts all in one article for people to read if they want some tips and advice on the whole thing.

As always, there might be mistakes in there or things that you do not agree entirely with so please be kind and feedback is always really welcome.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Link to article: TransIP - Reserved domain


Hey Kelfecil,

Very much thanks for your time in writing this article.
In Malaysia here we are looking for ways to start up (reignite the Netrunning passion) and this article definitely helps alot!

Glad our local community also implemented similar ways you suggested in your article.

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